Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date: Skylake Core chip M will add its attraction

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date: Skylake Core chip M will add its attraction

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date: Skylake Core M chip will add its attraction

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is all set to be showcased to an excited world two weeks from now. It is almost confirmed that the tech giant will be launching the new tablet/laptop hybrid on 6th October and no one is in doubt that the machine is going to be of exceptional quality.

A report in the Tech Times suggests that the tech giant will keep the form factor similar to the Surface Pro 3, one of the best tablets available in the market. “Microsoft has promised that it will keep the general form factor and charging mechanism the same for the Surface Pro 4, largely for businesses that have already invested in things like charging stations”, says the report.

The report goes on to add that “There will be a few changes to the device, however,” the news portal added. “It’s likely that the company will increase the display resolution and will make the device a little slimmer and lighter. Some expect Microsoft to also include a fingerprint scanner.”

microsoft-surface 2Another report in the Tech Radar says, “The Surface Pro 4 could come in the same 12-inch form factor, in an effort to make it fully compatible with last generation accessories…Internally, the Surface Pro 4 may also feature a Skylake Core M chip, though, its other specs will reportedly remain relatively the same…There have also been some more shaky rumors of a 14-inch variant – take that iPad Pro. This model would supposedly be a larger, high-end model”.

In the meantime there are enough indications that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is going to have exceptional processor. Intel’s Skylake is the latest generation of Intel processors. The chip is a massive improvement over preceding Broadwell class, but they still promise greater efficiency. There are reasons to believe that your tab’s efficiency will be up substantially with the new chip.

While detailing it further another leak says that the new chip says that older benchmarks suggest about a 15 percent increase over the previous standard. A jump like that won’t change anyone’s life, but it’s still worth having. Skylake is another modern standard that the Surface Pro 4 has to support if it wants to be considered a premiere product. It would mean even more for a tablet that could benefit from Skylake’s battery life efficiency tweaks. The iPad Pro has a new CPU in tow, so the Surface Pro 4 should as well. So things are rather looking impressive for the new tablet from Redmond.

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