Microsoft Surface Mini vs iPad Mini next gen


    Microsoft Surface Mini or Surface 2 is being rumoured. Reports suggest that in the next two to three months we are going to get another new shining, but a small sized tablet from the biggest software giant, Microsoft. For a company that has been trying to get to the top in tablet market, the beginning hasn’t been very memorable so far. Its first tablet in the form of Surface RT proved disastrous. It failed to create any excitement in the market and its sales really never picked up. Despite being priced high it was really not the value for money sort of product. So notwithstanding the fact that it was the first tablet from Microsoft, it went down without even proper fighting.

    Then the company launched its most promising tablet till date. Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a complete laptop that comes with powerful innards, great display and everything that brings confidence in the users. But the tablet was too pricey. In fact for almost $1000, for just a tablet user it was not very attractive as a user was able to go for an iPad for almost half of the price. Though it has been a rather reasonable success, but things are looking very promising for the company before the launch of its smaller tablet. It is sure to give tough competition to Apple’s next generation iPad Mini 2.

    Reports in leading tech blog and mainstream news sources are appearing that Redmond based software giant is set to launch two tablets in the market, one 7-inch tablet and the other one 9-inch tablet. Announcement of Microsoft Surface 2 is expected to take place at the upcoming Build Developer Conference that will take place from June 26 to 28, where more details about the projected Windows Blue update are also expected. Supply chains have leaked clues about the potential second upgrade of Surface. As per DigiTimes, the famous Taiwanese gossip blog, the Surface tablet is going to come up in 7-inch and 9-inch variants, respectively targeting Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad. For a long time, it has been said that the Redmond software giant is to uncover a midsize Windows 8 tablet. Is it going to happen now?

    Many blogs that have predicted many Microsoft products successfully are leading the rumors. “Sources also noted that the second-generation Surface devices reportedly will only feature 7- to 9-inch displays to meet the rising demand for smaller tablet devices,” says the DigiTimes, which referring to sources said that Microsoft retained most of its earlier OEMs to build the next gen Surface tablet. Pegatron Technology will remain as the chief manufacturer. Ju Teng will supply chassis, Chungnam Precision Casing will provide switching, Samsung and LG Display will offer display, LG Chem the batteries, Corning the glass, Intel and Nvidia the chips, Chicony Electronics and Ko Ja (Cayman) the keyboards and TPK and Youngfast the touch panels for the new Surface tablet (s).

    To be true, for a real MS fan, this is going to be a great news. For many Microsoft Windows fans, this must be a dream come true. It is really the need of the hour that Microsoft should roll out some midsize tablets for Windows. No more Microsoft hardware partners have shown the guts to produce small-screen tablets with the software. It is better that Microsoft should initiate the trend with a set of Surface tablets carrying small screens at least to raise some defense against the growing Android small tablets like Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 510 and Apple iPad Mini. Of now, all major Windows tablets are big screen ones. Both Surface RT and Surface Pro (respectively with Windows RT and Windows 8) sport big 10.6-inch displays. The one from Samsung and many other OEMs are again with large screen tablets. Looking for a change for this trend, Microsoft may itself emerge out at least with a single midsize Surface tablet.