Microsoft forcrd to include iOS, Android games on Windows 10: Any takers?

Microsoft forcrd to include iOS, Android games on Windows 10: Any takers?

Microsoft forcrd to include iOS, Android games on Windows 10: Any takers?

Microsoft wants to make itself all the more acceptable to wider population than ever before. This seems to have prompted the Redmond based Microsoft to integrate more of iOS and even Android onto its new generation operating system Windows 10.

Latest reports suggest that software giant is working seriously to allow iOS and Android developers to port their games to Windows 10. It is needless to say that this way Microsoft wants to increase its acceptability among many people who wouldn’t otherwise opt for its hardware including smartphones and tablets.

The change in perception was visible during the keynote of its Build Conference. The company stunned many recently when it said that it wants developers to be able to integrate their games to Windows 10 without the need to recode the whole thing. Analysts are sure that the new development will make Windows handsets all the more acceptable among many people.

There is no denying the fact that given the limited appeal of Microsoft among App developers, most app developers will go for either iOS or Android for their main platform, and at some point bring their game to the other platform. Given its limited attraction to them porting a game for Windows phones rarely enters the equation, which means Windows phone users only have access to those games developed by the companies large enough to make the effort.

Porting is a rather difficult work and mostly involves rewriting a game’s entire code. Microsoft plans to cut out all that effort with two new software development kits, one in Java and C++ for Android and the other in objective C for iOS. Though it will still require some efforts, nonetheless it won’t be as simple as copying and pasting a game’s code, but it will cut out the bulk of the work that normally comes with porting an app across different operating systems.

While talking about the development Microsoft’s Terry Myerson told The Verge “We want to enable developers to leverage their current code and current skills to start building those Windows applications in the Store, and to be able to extend those applications”.

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