Microsoft Band 2.0 release date and specs rumors roundup

Microsoft Band 2.0 release date and specs rumors roundup

Microsoft Band 2.0 release date and specs rumors roundup

Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft is all set to introduce its latest wearable in the world market. Microsoft Band 2.0 is going to be introduced in the market by the software giant on 6 October, when the company will showcase several other top of the line products including at least two Lumia smartphones and a tablet/laptop hybrid.

Microsoft Band 2.0 images are already going viral on the social media and search engine for the last several days. One thing that has caught the attention of tech mavens is a new curved design, which most users missed in the earlier variant. Many people said as the first version of the Band didn’t come with a curved display, it was not very comfortable wearing it in hands. Women were definitely not very happy and continued to complain. Now as the company has rectified this issue, so people will have one more reason to go for the wearable from the Redmond band

In the meantime a top Spanish tech blog Microsoft Insider has leaked a couple of images that it says were official images from none other than Microsoft Inc. from the look and feel of the wearable. Pictures show that the new wearable or Microsoft Band 2.0 is actually much more attractive than the previous Band, with a curved design. Almost all of the Band users complained about its uncomfortable straight design, and Microsoft solved this issue in the new variant.

Another improvement from the Redmond company is the fact that the battery position is now underside of the color display, instead of being on the side. The rumors suggest that Band 2.0 will be revealed with many new sensors, along with all the sensors present in the Band 1.0.

The new Band will reportedly come with many more sensors. This means that sensor rich wearable will be more effective. The new sensors in the Fitness Band includes an Optical heart rate monitor, an Accelerometer/Gyrometer, GPS, a Microphone, an Ambient Light Sensor, a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensors and a UV sensor among others. So things are actually looking a lot more exciting in this aspect than many of us thought.

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