Microsoft Band 2: It is not only for curved display that the world is waiting for it

Microsoft Band 2: It is not only for curved display that the world is waiting for it

Microsoft Band 2: It is not only for curved display that the world is waiting for it

Microsoft Band 2 is creating a sort of excitement that was not witnessed before the launch of the first version of the Band. Though there are no confirmation from Redmond based tech giant about Microsoft Band 2 release date at the moment, we also don’t have confirmation about several other products that the company is going to showcase during 6th October event.

Many analysts are claiming that the tech giant is not just going to take care of slew of issues that were witnessed in the case of the first version, it is going to make it look and feel better as well.

The Band was the first wearable device from the software major and so like any other first product from a company it came with some issues of its own. Now as the company has realized the issues and found the reasons behind them, the next gen wearable or Band 2 is expected to come free from similar issues.

microsoft bandMicrosoft Band got great response in the market when it was launched last year. The wearable device actually works very efficiently with all smartphones running on almost all the major operating systems. Microsoft Band could be used with iPhones, Androids, besides with Windows Phones. Analysts have praised the wearable for working very efficiently. Microsoft Band actually feeds detailed, useful activity and sleep data into the Microsoft Health mobile app. You can connect third-party apps, including RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness and Strava, to your Microsoft account and exchange fitness data.

The next generation Band 2 will be much more improved than the existing version. Microsoft Band 2 will be made more comfortable with a curved screen. Leaked images make it look similar to Samsung’s Gear Fit display. There are some other changes too. A report says that the band has also apparently been changed with the batteries moved out and flexibility brought in. The result should be a far more comfortable band that moves with the wearer.

Like the first gen wearable, the Band 2 will also come with lots of sensors. GPS should be included making this, potentially, a full-on sports tracking device. If reports are to be believed it is coming with an optical heart rate monitor so zone training can also be used.

In the meantime spanish technology blog MicrosoftInsider has come out with images of the new Band showing curved display that better conforms to the user’s wrist. It also throws light on other useful features of the wearable device. The site could dig up little else on the Band 2’s new features, although Microsoft’s hybrid productivity solution/fitness band now appears to be able to track you as run stairs—not exactly a feature that will make most run out an buy it, but a nice addition nevertheless. So the product has become all the more exciting now.

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