Microsoft Band 2.0 release date revealed: curved display will be one of the many improvements

Microsoft Band 2.0 release date revealed: curved display will be one of the many improvements

Microsoft Band 2.0 release date revealed: curved display will be one of the improvements

Microsoft Band 2.0 is hogging much more limelight than the first generation of the band that the company introduced in the market around the same time last year. Though it is still not complete one year since its launch, the wearable device’s next version is being talked in awe by fans and critics alike.

There are reasons to believe that the next generation wearable from Redmond based software major will be very different and much more improved than the present version that has got great words from analysts and users alike.

The much publicized event in the New York City on October 6 is going to see the launch of Microsoft Band 2 besides that of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and quite a few other products including two high-end Lumia handsets.

microsoft bandThere is no denying the fact that Microsoft Band is one of the best wearables available in the market at the moment. It actually has everything that a user would require, nonetheless there are some issues including the biggest one concerning its battery problem. The other major flaw in the wearable is the fact that it comes with a flat display, making it tough for the people wearing the gadget.

Now there are signs that all these issues are going to be sorted out with the new wearable. The Band 2.0 will come with a curved display that will sort out the issue of unease while wearing it. in the meantime a report while talking about the next gen Microsoft wearable says, “MicrosoftInsider has come out with images of the new Band showing curved display that better conforms to the user’s wrist. It also throws light on other useful features of the wearable device. The site could dig up little else on the Band 2’s new features, although Microsoft’s hybrid productivity solution/fitness band now appears to be able to track you as run stairs—not exactly a feature that will make most run out and buy it, but a nice addition nevertheless. So the product has become all the more exciting now”.

Reports suggest that the new wearable will be a lot richer in features than the previous one. The new Band will reportedly come with many more sensors. This means that sensor rich wearable will be more effective. The new sensors in the Fitness Band includes an Optical heart rate monitor, an Accelerometer/Gyrometer, GPS, a Microphone, an Ambient Light Sensor, a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensors and a UV sensor among others. So things are actually looking a lot more exciting in this aspect than many of us thought.

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