Microsoft Band 2.0: With some basic changes it can be among the best

Microsoft Band 2.0: With some basic changes it can be among the best

Microsoft Band 2.0: With some basic changes it can be among the best

Many analysts are claiming that Microsoft Band 2.0 success will depend on its pricing. Sky high pricing will ensure that the wearable will again be a dud like its present version. On the other hand a sane pricing, along with expected improvement and a curved display –making it very comfortable for users –will make it a considerable success in the days to come.

The first version that Microsoft claimed will beat the best in the market didn’t particularly outshine market leaders. It was not among the best performing wearable devices. To be true, it was not among the top seven such devices. But the priceless experience that Microsoft has got in the market with the launch of its first wearable, many analysts believe that the company is now in a position to give a tough competition to market leaders.

Meanwhile in anticipation of the new wearable from Redmond tech company, Target cut the price of the Band to $150. Later in September, Best Buy cut the price of Microsoft Band to $100.

microsoft bandThere are reports that Microsoft is concentrating on cross-platform compatibility. The launching of the Microsoft Band 2 is consistent with the focus of the American tech company on cross-platform compatibility. Unlike its predecessor that hardly made an impact on the competition when it was rolled out to the market last year, the Band 2 promises to provide a tougher competition for smartwatches and FitBit’s trackers.

In the meantime as far as sales figures are concerned, Microsoft was among the laggards and didn’t even appear in the top five or even top seven makers. A report has this to say, “Indicative of how the Band is faring compared to other wearables in the market these days, based on the inaugural report of the IDC, FitBit and Apple led the pack, shipping 4.4 million and 3.6 million units, respectively, of their own smart wearable products…Samsung was at No. 5, having moved 600,000 units followed by Jawbone and Huawei. Microsoft was not even on the top seven vendors of smart wearables, which means the sale of the Band is way below than both projections and expectations”.

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