Micromax allows OnePlus One’s Cyanogen OTA updates after truce

Micromax allows OnePlus One’s Cyanogen OTA updates after truce

Micromax allows OnePlus One’s Cyanogen OTA updates after truce

This is going to be an exciting news for OnePlus One users. An update on the company’s website says that the OnePlus One users in India will continue to receive over the air or OTA updates for Cyanogen OSOnePlus.

There were fears that the people who used the smartphone with this OS may be barred from receiving the update due to a lawsuit filed by Micromax. But things seem to have been sorted out right now and this is a great news indeed.

The Chinese smartphone maker has come out in the open and officially confirmed via its India blog site that OnePlus One users in India will be able to get OTA updates for Cyanogen OTA. Micromax and OnePlus were reportedly involved in a legal battle concerning the Cyanogen branding issue that violated the former’s exclusive agreement to use the OS in India.

Though the ban on the Chinese smartphone maker’s handset in India was lifted after a few days, OnePlus kept its promise by releasing its own Android substitute for Cyanogen, the Oxygen OS, to OnePlus One users in the rest of the world, barring India.

While talking about the update a company blog post says, “The month of December last year was a momentous occasion for the OnePlus family. We launched our flagship phone, the “OnePlus One” much to the delight of our consumers here in India. And then we unexpectedly got hit by a legal snag! For reasons that were made public earlier, we had to take a legal recourse to protect our rights in light of the proceedings initiated by Micromax”.

It went on to add on how things got solved, “Five months hence, we are happy to confirm today that all legal proceedings have been resolved and the cases have been withdrawn through mutual consent. We hate donning suits and ties anyways. To make things sweeter, we would like to re-assure our customers and fans in India that our flagship phone, the “OnePlus One” will continue to receive OTA updates from Cyanogen in-line with our users in markets around the world”.

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