Metro North train accident 2013: Feds begin investigation

    Courtesy: The Hindu

    Metro North train accident 2013 is one of the worst accidents in years. Sixty people were injured while five people are still in critical condition. Meanwhile investigation has already begun in the case

    Probe has been ordered in Metro North train accident 2013. This was an accident that could have been more damaging, but thankfully passengers were saved from more harm despite the fact that there were as many as 700 people including crew members on both the trains.

    More than 60 passengers were injured in the incident that has sent shockwaves across the nation. Five of the injured are in critical condition while an official said that one of the injured was in ‘very’ critical condition. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy who was among the first top officials to reach the site has said that he doesn’t think the crash was anything but accident. He has completely ruled out the possibility of terrorist or criminal angle into the crash.

    Courtesy: The Hindu

    On the other hand the passengers who survived the crash say that it was the worst experience of their lifetime and for them it will take weeks to come out of the shock from it. A 49 year old passenger from Bridgeport, Lola Oliver, told The Associated Press “All I know was I was in the air, hitting seats, bouncing around, flying down the aisle and finally I came to a stop on one seat…It happened so fast I had no idea what was going on. All I know is we crashed”. Others too have similar or even worse stories to tell in the aftermath of the crash.

    Reports coming out from the crash sites and railway officials suggest that there were some 700 people including crew members on the Metro-North trains when one train coming from New York City derailed and rammed into another train coming from opposite side at about 6:10 p.m.

    The rescue workers descended on the scene immediately after the crash. Officials suggest that though most of the people who sustained minor injuries have been discharged from different hospitals after initial treatment, six people remain in critical condition. The rail corridor is still closed for trains so far and there is no certainty as to when it will be opened for rail traffic. In the meantime Gov. Dannel Malloy who visited the area said that there was no sign to suggest that it was anything but an accident. Malloy made it clear that he thought it was an accident caused by human error and added, “These trains at that hour are in fairly constant use, so just before these trains came into contact with one another, other trains had been through the same spot”.

    It will take days to clear the track and make it operational. Meanwhile investigation has been ordered into the crash. Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board will head the investigation into the crash, with Malloy saying that agency’s team should be on site by Saturday morning. “We have no reason to believe that it’s anything but an accident,” the governor said. Power was shut off along the line and service has been halted — westbound past Bridgeport, and eastbound beyond South Norwalk — because of the derailment. Amtrak train service also announced early Friday night that it had suspended all travel between New York and Boston indefinitely after the crash.

    Full details about the reopening of the route haven’t come as yet. Reports suggest that the railway traffic in the affected area may be hampered for quite sometimes. Such travel headaches could persist for weeks, because the two tracks affected by the derailment — which are both “shot right now” — may take weeks to repair, CNN quoted Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch as saying. Because of a bridge replacement project, those two tracks are the only way in and out of New York City by train from that part of Connecticut. Workers will need to not only remove disabled trains, but also remove the tracks, regrade the rail bed, then lay down the tracks again, according to Finch.