Members of Pahel and Soch visit orphanage

Members of Pahel and Soch visit orphanage

Members of Pahel and Soch visit orphanage

Aligarh: Members of PAHEL (an initiative to uplift and educate economically backward class of society) run by Aligarh Muslim University Students recently visited Al-Hamd Yateem Khana located in the outskirts of Aligarh to renovate the ‘Pahel Project’ of ‘Soch…beyond the imagination.’

The purpose of renovating the ‘Pahel Project’ is to uplift educationally backward children. The Project was earlier discontinued in November 2014 due to a serious medical condition of a member of ‘Soch…beyond the imagination.’

On their recent visit, the team interacted with at least 40 children residing in Al-Hamd Yateem Khana and gifted them basic stationary material including books, notebooks, pens and pencils.

Amood Gulzar, a team member of Pahel said,” Pahel assures to continue distributing stationary material to the orphanage children on a monthly basis.”

‘Soch…beyond the imagination’ member, Moin mohammad assured for adoption six children bearing their whole expenses on the basis of academic performances of the children. Moin also promised the orphanage children of his monthly visits and interactions.

Meanwhile, other team members of ‘Pahel Project’ and ‘Soch…beyond the imagination’ including Farhan Habib and Sibte Mehdi well wished the children.

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