Mayweather vs Pacquiao May 2 fight: Khan says Money will beat Filipino

Mayweather vs Pacquiao May 2 fight: Khan says Money will beat Filipino

Mayweather vs Pacquiao May 2 fight: Khan says Money will beat Filipino

British boxer of Pakistani descent Amir Khan has said that he expects Floyd Mayweather Jr to win the May 2 fight. It is amazing that he is ditching his sparring partner of past for someone who has ditched him and avoided fighting him.

Amir Khan has been demanding a fight against Mayweather for the last several years now. Many thought Mayweather will give preference to him and will decide to fight him than involved in the fight of the century. But that was not true and Mayweather after meeting Manny Pacquiao gave in to the demand of facing him. There are many others who thought that Mayweahter didn’t want to fight him as Amir Khan is in a terrific form and Mayweather was not sure how to cope with his tactics and extreme speed.

In the meantime Amir Khan recently visited Las Vegas where he visited casino too. It is not sure if Khan, a devout Muslim, also played there or not. Meanwhile the British boxer also posed for pictures during the night out with his wife and television personality and star of American show Keeping Up With the Kardashians Scott Disick.

amir khan boxerHe told the media present on the occasion that he though Mayweather will emerge winner. “’Since then Manny Pacquiao has had two defeats. He’s been knocked out once by (Juan Manuel) Marquez and then he got beat by (Timothy) Bradley which was a little controversial, but I think Mayweather will take the fight…He will be much smarter and he’ll pick his shots a little bit better.”

Khan went on to add, “He’ll make it a little boring at times because Manny, as we know, is a come-forward fighter who likes to do a lot of punches…But Mayweather will try to avoid all those punches and just maybe throw that one shot that will count and then move away again. But time will tell…I’ve been watching Mayweather train on social media and he has been training very hard so he might come up with a different gameplan this fight, something that we have not seen before”.

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