Martin Luther King Jr day 2012: he would have supported Wall Street protestors


    Martin Luther King Jr day 2012 is being celebrated in a big way by Occupy Wall Street protestors. They say that he would have supported them had he been alive today

    Martin Luther King Jr is being remembered across the world. He was a great leader and without him, the United States wouldn’t have been the same, a thriving democracy where every individual is respected without any caste, creed or color.

    But many people who are involved in the Occupy Wall Street sort of protests across the United States have been saying that they expect another Martin Luther King Jr. to take the nation from worsening economic condition where though color of the skin doesn’t play such a discriminatory role, but economic deprivation does. And with worsening economic condition, the number of deprived and have-nots is rising very quickly.

    A leader of Wall Street type protest in Sacramento being called as Occupy Sacramento says, “King would say, ‘Please finish what I started.’ That’s what we’re doing”. Since the end of the civil right movement, it is probably the first time when people are coming out on the streets protesting against the economic inequality across the US.

    Meanwhile Occupy Wall Street protestors are organizing rallies in his memory today and more are planned for tomorrow. A protester Abigail Keegan while talking to Huffington Post said, “Poverty, an issue to which King showed increased focus in the years just before his death, finds its way into the darkest chapters in American History…Dr. King sought to shine a light of justice against those dark chapters of war, repression and racism, our candles symbolize that light.”