Mars moon Phobos facing armageddon

Mars moon Phobos facing armageddon

Mars moon Phobos facing armageddon

NASA has concluded after detailed study that Mars moon Phobos is fast disintegrating. The top space agency in the world has said that Mars’ moon will survive in some shape for 30 million years or at the most 50 million years.

NASA scientists haven’t said thus far as to how the loss of moon Phobos will impact Mars, nonetheless it is definitely going to make some sort of impact on a planet that is loved the most by humans.

Space scientists claim they have found indentations that stretch across Phobos surface, suggesting that the moon is suffering from some sort of structural loss. Earlier they were of the opinion that it might have happened due to some sort of collision, but following further assessment they concluded that the indentations had nothing to do with collision.

mars sunsetOn further research and analysis NASA scientists concluded that tidal forces are the more likely cause.

In the meantime while detailing the latest findings, NASA in a statement said, “An interior like this can distort easily because it has very little strength and forces the outer layer to readjust. The researchers think the outer layer of Phobos behaves elastically and builds stress, but it’s weak enough that these stresses can cause it to fail. All of this means the tidal forces acting on Phobos can produce more than enough stress to fracture the surface. Stress fractures predicted by this model line up very well with the grooves seen in images of Phobos. This explanation also fits with the observation that some grooves are younger than others, which would be the case if the process that creates them is ongoing.”

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