Maple syrup could make antibiotics more effective, says study

Maple syrup could make antibiotics more effective, says study

Maple syrup could make antibiotics more effective, says study

Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness pretty fast. For millions of people across the world, antibiotics actually mean nothing. If you aimed to cure their life-threatening diseases with these antibiotics, it will not have any impact on them.

But now these antibiotics too are going to get a boost of sort. A new research by scientists working with McGill University in Montreal suggest that that concentrated maple syrup extract may make antibiotics all the more effective as it helps fight bacterial infections.

While talking about the findings of the study authors claim that its scientists associated with its department of chemical engineering used maple syrup samples bought from local markets in Montreal and prepared a “concentrated extract of maple syrup that consists mainly of phenolic compounds.” Researchers verified this extract’s effect on “infection-causing strains of certain bacteria, including E. coli and Proteus mirabilis.”

Hepatitis C drug SovaldiScientists actually came to the conclusion that extract was only “mildly effective” in battling bacteria on its own, but it was found to be quite effective when combined with antibiotics. The extract was seen acting “synergistically with antibiotics” to finish the “resistant communities of bacteria” generally present in difficult-to-treat infections. Prof. Tufenkji, head of Canada Research Chair in Biocolloids and Surfaces, co-authored the study with postdoctoral fellows Vimal Maisuria and Zeinab Hosseinidoust.

It is a great boost to efforts to make antibiotics all the more powerful. The research was funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Canada Research Chairs program.The team’s findings will be published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology in May.

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