BY | June 11, 2012

Fans and analysts are shocked following Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley fight (video). They are unanimous that Pacman was robbed. Here is full fight review

Manny Pacquiao has been robbed of his belt by errant judges who for unknown reasons gave his well deserved belt to Timothy Bradley who remained at the receiving end of Manny’s powerful punches throughout the fight.  But the gracious boxer has once again given a lesson to his detractors by his graceful acceptance of the decision and even congratulating Bradley for his win.

Though when asked, the best pound for pound boxer in the world said that he was the clear winner of the fight, but his restrained demeanor didn’t show to the world as to what was in his mind. From his outlook, behavior and his style he doesn’t really look like a conventional boxer who wear their temperament on their faces.

Boxing fans were shocked, so were sport analysts and critics who saw a great boxer being robbed of his title by incompetent judges who, many said seems to be watching some other fight to have given this decision.

Bradley was given hardly three rounds by most critics. Some very generous observers gave him five rounds. But if a fighter wins five rounds out of twelve how he can be pronounced a winner. Bob Arum was aghast with the decision and went on to say, “Something like this is so outlandish, it’s a death knell for the sport. This is [expletive] nuts. I have both guys, and I’ll make a lot of money in the rematch, but it’s ridiculous. You have these old [expletive] who don’t know what the [expletive] they’re looking at. It’s incompetence. Nobody who knows anything about boxing could have Bradley ahead in the fight.”

Fans too are very agitated. A fan has this to say, “For Duane Ford (one of the three judges) to suggest that ring generalship, retreating aggressiveness, and body shots is enough to take a fighters belt is a slap in the face to every hard fought battlefield warrior in the game that put it all on the line in the ring and the title holder retained by the belt.”.

Another reader has this to say, “BOYCOTT boxing until this epic judging failure is resolved. I’m a regular American boxing lover and supporter, but will NEVER support Pay Per View, HBO or Showtime until this is addressed. Biggest judging error in boxing history…! I suggest the whole world BOYCOTT boxing until these judges are disbarred and Manny is given this belt back. He easily beat Bradley by 9 or more rounds….!”


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  • Richard

    I watched all the rounds of this fight and I agree with the majority
    Manny won the fight by a wide margin , this is an abuse to all the boxing fans we need boxing reform specially in Las Vegas , this is the 2nd time That I have seen this ,the other was a close fight Marquez/Manny also in Las Vegas , this problem in Las Vegas will have to be resolved or boxing is about to lose millions of fans, we need boxing justice and now!

  • Pablo s. Potencio

    In my own opinion. HBO et al are all part of the conspiracy. They let Bradley won so there was a rematch. To earn mor emoney & fool the boxing fan$. Are the Pacquiao Bradley fight a $cripted?? Directed by HBo & judge$. Produced by Bob .

  • Jason

    I watched the fight, as heard Manny had lost. I watched the fight closely as I was thinking must have been a close fight like JMM. I’m sorry – but anyone had Bradley winning that fight is clearly stupid. Pacquiao dominated that fight until probably round 9 – where he starts to slow down. I’ve seen some ridiculous decisions, but this was by far the worst. Honestly, Pacquiao has probably 2 years left, but to see him lose like this was not what I thought would happen.

  • Maria Eisma

    Remove the incompetent judges from judging a fight ever again. This judges are obviously having some kind of personal problems that distracted their professionalism in judging a fight. They think they have the power to make any kind of decision, but it was their big mistake to let Bradley a winner when all the people who watched the bout knows that Pacquiao won it. I will personally campaign to boycott the Boxing sports. The incompetent judges must be fired and never to judge any boxing fights again. Bradley did not deserve to take the belt from Pacquiao whatsoever, no chance, no how, the world have witnessed the true winner of the fight, Manny Pacquiao.

  • raymond worsley

    i have been a boxing fan suporting hbo of saturday night i agree with one of the other replies that i will boycott boxing until pacuiao gets his belt back with a apology from the judges that called the fight wrong.and i would like to see all fans boycott hbo pay reviews..

  • zandrex uy

    Well as it seen more times that some of boxing judges are doing like this, my question was, What was the boxing officials do to this kind of result, are they just sitting there and let the boxing fans boycot and not to watch boxing again. or is it right to said that HBO, Pay per view and the boxing officials are in conspiracy to make more money, if that was the case, whole world seen, what you are doing. shame on you. do some changes and punish those kind of judges.

  • non believer

    mannys gonna be an angel

  • http://yahoo robert

    im one of the fanatic fan’s of manny pacman,ive watch closely the fight,most of the round pacman dominated the fight,bradley won only at 10th round,even in slow motion or highlight round by round the video has no evidence that bradley’s won in evry rounds,since the fight started,i’d seen already a premenission that this is a fix fight,pacman he didnt pray before started the fight,why?non sence it was a fix fight he knows it,and even boboy asstnt,coach gave the cross to pacman to kiss b4 the fight he slaggs his hands,and i was so shock that time beco’z,you know manny was so religious,evry time his fight started he always doing all this religiously,.no daught what for he will do it,..he knows it was a fix fight, know im so discourage to watch boxing again,..,its all about money,..judges are unproffession this kindl of judging,..boycott,..

  • wesley

    Manny was really robbed.
    The rematch should settle it once and for all.

  • alanoden

    I hope that,this coming rematch will be held in Philippines.