Maine Walmart stores evacuated due to bomb threats: Update

Maine Walmart stores evacuated due to bomb threats: Update

Maine Walmart stores evacuated due to bomb threats: Update

Immediately after Black Friday 2015, Walmart stores seem to have become haunted at least in Maine. Walmart stores across Maine were evacuated by authorities following many bomb threats that the police received. The first such threat bomb call was received on Thursday night and since then the panic has widened to at least six other states.

Police sources claim that on Thursday night they started receiving phone calls regarding bomb threats to Walmart stores across the state.

Though officials are not yet able to verify the source(s) of the threat, sources suggest that the voice of the caller is being described as male but might have been generated through a computer. Nonetheless it is just part of speculation and no conclusive evidence has been found to support any of the probabilities.

walmartIn the meantime an updated report of WGME November 29 suggests that the threats were actually not limited to Walmart alone. Besides Wlamart stores, several other stories were also evacuated in different counties of Maine.

A latest report suggests that though other stores might be getting bomb threats, in case of Walmart such calls are widespread. Information about similar automated over-the-phone bomb threats to Walmart stores is also coming from New York, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming and Idaho. Officials claim that in Maine alone as many as 11 Walmart stores received bomb threats mainly between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday evening and had to be evacuated.

In all the searches, nothing suspicious was found and so customers and shoppers were allowed to go back to stores. Stores in Palmyra, Biddeford, Falmouth, Houlton, Scarborough, Windham, Thomaston, Skowhegan, Newport and Calais received such calls and were subsequently evacuated.

While talking about such incidents James Ross, chief deputy at the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department said, “It definitely was taken seriously…We had two deputies respond to Palmyra, and one deputy assisted at Skowhegan. When nothing was found, Wal-Mart made the decision to reopen…As events unfolded, we learned that a number of other Wal-Marts in the state had received the exact same threat. The sheriff’s office will be ready to assist other agencies if leads develop.”

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