Macworld|iWorld 2012: first iFan event after Steve Jobs


    Macworld|iWorld 2012 is the first iFan event after Steve Jobs’ death. Meanwhile Macworld shows off gadgets and much more

    This Friday Macworld kicked off with much techy and geeky fanfare at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Macworld is the annual Apple celebration where developers, users and fanatics come to buy and sell and advertise and go in raptures at the Apple world in general.

    This year’s Macworld is reported to be slightly off colour as the Internationsl CES has just concluded and tech-hunger had been much satisfied. But the conglomeration still had plenty of interesting products and attractions on the convention center floor.

    There could be sighted the Sennheiser’s headphones encased in glass. These are some serious sound-waves close to the ear we are talking about, and it can be judged by the price tag of $1,500. Sennheiser’s headphones HD 800 boasts a patent-pending 56 millimeter ring radiation driver and a curved sonic wave to simulate spatial hearing and a large 40 millimeter coil and 42 millimeter magnet to deliver symphonic loud natural sound. These have been precision designed in Germany and among its parts, include gold-plated plugs and high-precision headphone connectors.

    Occupying the centrestage was a van that advertised Turns out this website is host to an app called Tune Up. What does it do? Tune Up cleans up and organizes your music library like no other app. It is a plug-in app that fixes mislabeled song information and makes them sound more informative than what the typical “Unknown artist” and “Track 02” tag does. It also deletes duplicate tracks and adds missing album art. Since it is viewing your entire music library, it reads your preferences and sends ingenious personalized alerts for upcoming concerts and also direct links to ticket providers. Its effectiveness can be tried with a free trial version. The full-featured plug-in comes for $39.95 with an annual license and for $49.95 for a lifetime activation.

    The second floor of Moscone West is Macworld Midway is very un-Apple like. This is more like an art gallery than a tech exhibition with the South Park-themed pop-up exhibit all over. But it has got its presence there because South Park’s animation team relies on Apple’s Mac computers to produce the 22-minute show each week. At least the word ‘Apple’ does feature in this sentence.

    Another anomaly is the dance party that was in progres at the Macworld. There were people moving and gyrating on the dance floor and some were watching from the sides – in silence. No, the watchers were not the only ones silent, the entire room was! Turns out it was a ‘silent’ dance party: those celebrating were avoiding sound pollution!

    The dancers were moving to their own tunes – literally (through the earphones and headphones they wore!) The Silent Frisco dance party at Macworld is an offshoot of the Silent Disco concept that first debuted in the 1980s at the Glastonbury Festival in England. It caught on when Silent Frisco’s director performed at the Bonnaroo Festival in 2005.