Lyme disease linked to birds: Study reveals

Lyme disease linked to birds: Study reveals

Lyme disease linked to birds: Study reveals

Researchers have come out with startling revelation that Lyme disease is in fact associated with birds. This is going to look unbelievable to many people across the world, but a latest study has proved it with sound scientific backing.

Researchers have concluded after extensive research that Lyme disease is the leading tick-borne infection throughout United States.

They claim that the new findings will help medical fraternity to fight the disease in better way. Robert Lane, a medical entomologist and UC Berkeley Professor of the Graduate School while talking about it says, “Another species of Lyme disease spirochete closely related to, but distinct from, Borrelia burgdorferi was detected in birds for the first time anywhere in the world.”

housesparrow2Lane is of the opinion that the study has actually taken him off guard. According to the study the new kind of Lyme disease that is being called Borrelia bissettii has the same symptoms like the old Lyme disease. Lane goes on to add that this is the most common form of the Borrelia species recently found in birds.

While elaborating his point further he says, “The fact that we found this particular bacterium for the first time in birds in California is notable because of the ease with which birds can distribute spirochetes to different regions. It is worth watching to see if this spirochete expands in this state”.

Experts are of the opinion that till date, no other study was so much comprehensive as this one. Lane goes on to add that it is the most exhaustive study to look into the role birds play in the proliferation of Lyme disease, in the overall ecology of California. This is also the first study which took into account the implications of avian diversity as well as their behaviors and habitats. It was done by the researchers to accurately identify which birds are most likely responsible for all of this. This is certainly going to play a major role in fighting the disease.

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