Losing 30-minute of sleep regularly makes you obese, impact metabolism

Losing 30-minute of sleep regularly makes you obese, impact metabolism

Losing 30-minute of sleep regularly makes you obese, impact metabolism

Your full quota of sleep is very important for your health. If you start skipping sleep or start sleeping less than the recommended time, this is going to create havoc with your

To be true, implications are going to be severe on your health in the long run. I am not talking of taking two hours less sleep than required. Even half an hour of sleep deficit can have far reaching consequences on your bodyweight besides impacting your metabolism.

The study’s findings were presented during the Endocrine Society in San Diego, CA.

sleepThis is the first time that researchers have analyzed long term implication of sleep deprivation even for half an hour over a long period of time.

While talking about the findings of the study lead author Prof. Shahrad Taheri says, “While previous studies have shown that short sleep duration is associated with obesity and diabetes, we found that as little as 30 minutes a day sleep debt can have significant effects on obesity and insulin resistance at follow-up”.

While elaborating on sleep loss and its relation with metabolism he says “Sleep loss is widespread in modern society, but only in the last decade have we realized its metabolic consequences. Our findings suggest that avoiding sleep debt could have positive benefits for waistlines and metabolism and that incorporating sleep into lifestyle interventions for weight loss and diabetes might improve their success.”

Researchers claim that the people who took part in the study and who had weekday sleep debt were found to be 72% more likely to be obese, compared with participants who had no weekday sleep debtthe study was conducted by researchers associated with Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar. They reportedly recruited as many as 522 patients who had been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Members of the study group say that at the beginning of the study, the participants’ height, weight and waist circumference were measured and samples of their blood were analyzed for insulin sensitivity. Researchers claim that during the 12-month follow-up, they found that for every 30 minutes of weekday sleep debt there was an associated 17% increased risk of obesity and 39% increased risk of insulin resistance. This is simply mind blowing, claim researchers.

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