Live South Carolina Democratic primary exit poll results: Who won, Hillary Clinton wins easily

Live South Carolina Democratic primary exit poll results: Who won, Hillary Clinton wins easily

Live South Carolina Democratic primary exit poll results: Who won, Hillary Clinton wins easily

Update: Hillary Clinton is heading to a landslide win in South Carolina Democratic primary. In her victory speech Clinton said, “To South Carolina, to the volunteers at the heart of our campaign, to the supporters who power it: thank you,” Clinton tweeted after major US networks all called the vote in her favour at the close of polls. Huge cheers broke out at the venue in Columbia, South Carolina, where Clinton was due to deliver a victory speech to supporters. “It’s time, it’s time, it’s time for a woman in the White House,” the crowd chanted.

Hillary Clinton has said she is expecting a massive win in South Carolina Democratic primary. If this really turns out to be true, she will have huge advantage over her only rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is giving her a sort of scare in the past few weeks.

To be true, former secretary of state has never been able to beat him with a huge difference. Despite huge odds and Democratic establishment’s antipathy towards him the 74-year old Bernie Sanders is giving very tough time to her.

This is only because of Sanders that we have a semblance of competition in democratic primary, otherwise many thought that the question was as good as settled in favor of Clinton.

In the meantime South Carolina Democrats have started voting in the state’s presidential primary – one week after voters chose Donald Trump in the Republican primary. As far as timing of the poll is concerned, polls are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. In South Carolina, you must have a valid photo identification to vote.

Meanwhile Hillary seems to have huge lead over him as the Democratic fans head to polling booths. According toRealClearPolitics, Clinton has 58.3 percent of the vote compared to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 31.7 percent. Sanders cut Clinton’s lead in half since a November 2015 poll showed Clinton ahead by 52.7 points. On the other hand Clinton, the black vote accounts for a large part of her lead. African Americans made up 55 percent of the primary vote in the 2012 election and that trend looks to hold for this primary. For Sanders, he’s ahead in the white vote. White voters favor Sanders 54 percent to 40 percent for Clinton.

When it comes to the number of delegates up for grabs here, there are 59 delegates up for grabs in South Carolina – six of those are Superdelegates. The Superdelegates, as they may in every other state, choose the candidate they wish to support, regardless of the popular vote. The other 53 delegates are divided this way — 35 delegates are awarded based on finishes in each of the state’s seven congressional districts; 11 are awarded at-large, or based on the overall number of votes a candidate gets in the state; the last 7 will be cast by party leaders who are not Superdelegates. Stay tuned for more details.

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