Listeria cantaloupe outbreak kills 16, affects 72 people


    Listeria cantaloupe outbreak has so far killed 16 people. 72 more people are suffering from it across 18 states right now

    Listeria cantaloupe outbreak has proved very deadly. So far 13 people have lost their lives from it and many more have been affected during its outbreak recently.

    The sort of cantaloupe that have been reported to be contaminated are grown some distance away from Rocky Ford region of Colorado. Some reports suggest that t it is grown in Rocky Ford region. But it lies some distance away from this place.

    The problem has affected one third American states. 13 people are confirmed dead. Dozens have been reported to be suffering from the same problem that has taken the lives of 13 people.

    Meanwhile the number of dead people has shot up to 16. This means that the problem is reaching to new areas.

    But apparently this is not the first time that the deadly outbreak has taken the lives of so many people. Just over a decade ago in 1998 at least 21 people had lost their lives due to its outbreak.

    Most of the people who are affected during its outbreak include mainly elderly and middle aged people.

    A report suggest that “Listeria is a common bacterium that typically creates mild problems in people of young age. But among elder people, this becomes very dangerous. It can even go to the extent of destroying immune system of elderly people affected by it”.

    Meanwhile a report quotes Dr. Robert Tauxe of the CDC as saying that he expects the death from the outbreak to go up before coming down. He says that symptoms of listeria don’t always show up right away. He says that it can take more than a month to show its effects on someone’s health.

    It can take four weeks or more for a person to fall ill after eating food contaminated with listeria.