Lisa Bonchek Adams, breast cancer fighter is no more: Self chronicled

Lisa Bonchek Adams, breast cancer fighter is no more: Self chronicled

Lisa Bonchek Adams, breast cancer fighter is no more: Self chronicled

Lisa Bonchek Adams has finally lost the fight against breast cancer. She was one of very few people who have talked openly about the disease and the way they have suffered from the scourge.

She actually chronicled her suffering, her medication and the way she was coping with the issue on a daily basis. It helped many women to actually come out in the open about their suffering too, further widening the web of awareness regarding the disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

While writing on her blog in the year 2013, the 45-year old woman wrote, “I am waiting for test and scan results, laying low after a busy and stressful week”. Though this was the first blog post from her on the topic, it was not the last. She wrote hundreds of blogs and twitter messages detailing how she was coping with the disease.

breast cancerShe first knew about her disease in the year 2007 when she was merely 37-year old. “Wednesday was a marathon of bloodwork, EKG, CT scans and bone scan, followed today by more bloodwork. Friday is another oncology appointment. And I still made it to the dentist on Thursday for a cleaning!” she wrote.

Her website became very popular with people fighting not just breast cancer, but also other forms of cancer too. Her Twitter page has more than 15,000 followers. Reports suggest that in the year 2014, she became the focus of a controversy when her own husband, Bill Keller, then of The New York Times actually questioned the propriety of turning one’s mortal struggle into a public event.

While analyzing a column on the lady, Meghan O’Rourke wrote in The New Yorker: “Both columns betray discomfort with the public nature of Adams’s response to her illness. And both writers veil what appears to be a personal distaste for Adams’s public display with high-minded questions about the ethics of prolonged care and public self-revelation without examining the complexities of their own response.”

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