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Leonid meteor shower 2013 are coming and set to peak in the days to come. How to watch Leonids meteors in November. You can watch them on Slooh too

November is here and this is a reason to be happy for skywatchers. The Leonids are here to enthrall with their display of blue and white streaks across the night sky.

The Leonid meteor showers come every year and observers report 10 to 15 streaks an hour. However, every 33 years, the Leonids put on a special display where meteors at a rate of about 1,000 – or more – in an hour are observed. This spectacular show is next expected in 2034.

Courtesy Denver Post

The Leonid meteor shower originate from the Leo constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. The particles’ source is Tempel-Tuttle, a comet that is in the process of falling apart, hence the showering of particles across space. Every 33 years earth comes its vicinity and more particles enter earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the razzle dazzle of 1000 or more meteor sightings per hour.

Leonids are known for bright, colorful, and “some of the fastest meteors out there”, as stated by NASA.  NASA further informs that a normal meteor particle streaks with the speed of about 44 miles (71 kilometers) per second.

Occasionally the streaks are accompanied by fireballs – much bigger and brighter meteors that leave a colourful streak of light lingering behind for several seconds. These are bigger cometary chunks.

Joe Rao, a skywatcher of wrote in 2012, “The Leonids are white or bluish white, many are faint, though can appear outstandingly bright, leaving glowing trains in their wake. A Leonid meteor that is roughly as bright as the brightest stars, results from a meteoroid that is only a few milligrams in mass.”

The meteors peak in the mid of November and are best watched near midnight. It is essential to be away from city lights and even moonlight dampens the show. All that is required are a good pair of eyes and some woolens if the weather turns chilly.


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