Who won South Carolina GOP Republican primary last night: How Donald Trump beats his competitors into submission

Who won South Carolina GOP Republican primary last night: How Donald Trump beats his competitors into submission

Who won South Carolina GOP Republican primary last night: How Donald Trump beats his competitors into submission?

Donald Trump was expected to win and he won easily with huge margin. But amazing was the result for second spot. The Republican presidential race is now widely considered a three-man race between businessman Donald Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Rubio was the night’s big surprise, coming back from a disastrous performance in New Hampshire and firmly positioning himself as the “mainstream” alternative to insurgents Trump and Cruz. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has dropped out of the race, but Ohio Gov. John Kasich is expected to continue on, hoping to make it beyond March 1’s South-tilted Super Tuesday contests. Many pundits believe retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson remains in the race not because he believes he can win but to build his personal brand in the evangelical-Christian world. Here are the South Carolina results with 99 percent of the precincts reporting:

Donald Trump: 32.4%

Marco Rubio: 22.5%

Ted Cruz: 22.3%

Jeb Bush: 7.8%

John Kasich: 7.6%

Ben Carson: 7.2%


This is important day for all the presidential hopefuls. From Donald Trump to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and others in the Republican camp and for Democratic hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the day is very important.

South Carolina’s Republican primary and Nevada’s Democratic Caucus has started and people are awaiting the outcome of the primary and caucus.

Till a few weeks ago, the two frontrunners from Democratic and Republican parties were well ahead of their competitors in Nevada and South Carolina.
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But now their lead has shrunk considerably. While Hillary Clinton’s lead is now just 1 percent, Donald Trump’s lead is only five percent. Till merely a few weeks ago both enjoyed double digit lead over their closest competitors.

A report while talking about which way the current is moving in this crucial state says, “A key indicator to look for in early exit polls: who evangelical Christians are voting for. In Iowa, they carried Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to victory. But he doesn’t have a lock on them in South Carolina, where Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has fought hard for their votes”.

While talking to Politico, a Marco Rubio aid says, “The whole premise of Cruz’s campaign is [that] he’s the choice of evangelicals…The reality is, multiple candidates in this race have evangelical bona fides … Of all of them, Marco is the one I think has really stood out to people, maybe because they weren’t expecting him to be able to so powerfully and articulately describe his relationship with Jesus and how it impacts his life.”

In the meantime Donald Trump seems to be attacking his main rival who has considerably closed the gap with the Republican frontrunner and real estate magnate. He has called Ted Cruz as a liar and “unhinged.” He laid out why he can successfully sue Cruz (“I have never had somebody take something you believe in and say the exact opposite”) and even cleverly attacked former President George W. Bush, who came to the Palmetto State to stump for his brother Jeb.

Trump while attacking him says, “Had we had my immigration policies in effect, those people wouldn’t have been in the country for the most part…I don’t know if [Bush] lied or not. I know the CIA and other agencies knew something bad was going to happen. They did nothing about it.”

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