Las Vegas Strip crash: Officials claim it was not terrorist attack

Las Vegas Strip crash: Officials claim it was not terrorist attack

Las Vegas Strip crash: Officials claim it was not terrorist attack

Las Vegas (21 December 2015): Police officials have made it clear that the Las Vegas Strip crash that killed one person was intentional, but was not a terrorist attack. One person was killed while more than three dozen people were injured in the attack. Six people are still struggling for their lives in different hospitals.

This is one of rarest cases where the attacker, a woman, rammed her car into the crowd and continued hitting people and mowing them down. Eye witness accounts suggest that many people tried to warn her as they ran for their lives, but to no avail.

Reports suggest that the woman continued to look ahead with both her hands firmly on the steering wheel. This clearly proves that she hadn’t lost the control of her vehicle. Latest reports suggest that till now officials were not able to verify the identity of the woman behind the freak attack or the victim who lost his life. Nonetheless Sheriff’s deputies in Las Vegas are set to provide further details later in the day.

Las Vegas Strip Crash Kills 1In the meantime authorities have completely ruled out terrorism but said an initial investigation showed the driver did it deliberately. Brett Zimmerman, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department deputy chief while providing update on the crime said, “This was not an act of terrorism…We are treating this as an intentional act.” The driver, who is in her 20s, went onto the sidewalk at least three or four times, according to Zimmerman. On the other hand the homicide division officials are looking at numerous surveillance videos from the Strip.

Eyewitness accounts claim that the woman driver of the car actually drove north on the sidewalk, striking numerous pedestrians near Planet Hollywood hotel-casino, where the Miss Universe pageant was being held. The victims of the crash were taken to three different hospitals nearby including Sunrise Medical Center, University Medical Center and Spring Valley.

While detailing the incident a witness was quoted by CNN as saying, “Everyone was running … and as I was running, I saw a car up on the sidewalk coming toward us…I saw a lady, she didn’t seem like she wanted to stop the car, she had both hands on her wheel and she was looking straight forward…I saw men running after her, yelling, ‘stop, stop!’ As she was passing, we saw people running after her. Everyone was so frantic and just running around.”

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