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Lamar Odom recovery update: Kidney not to be transplanted, experts claim

Lamar Odom recovery update: Kidney not to be transplanted, experts claim

Lamar Odom recovery update: Kidney not to be transplanted, experts claim

Now it has been confirmed that Lamar Odom wouldn’t require a kidney transplant. The good news comes on the heels of reports that yesterday he was shifted out of the ICU. This means that the athlete is healthy enough to be under normal care and not round the clock supervision that is given in an intensive care unit.

People are actually more than happy with fast improvement in his health. Initially when he was brought to the hospital comatose, many said he will not survive. Others said that it was a fifty-fifty battle, but after four days he regained consciousness and has never looked back. Now his kidneys have started working fine and he no longer required dialysis.

It is needless to add here that the pace of his recovery is amazing and his fans are celebrating all the good news with great enthusiasm.

khloe-kardashianA TMZ report says that his health has improved so much that he was moved out of the ICU. The same report claims that the NBA star will no longer need the six hours of daily dialysis he needed before as he continues his remarkable recovery. He has so many fans and supportive family members who had offered to donate him their kidneys. The 6-foot-11 former Los Angeles Laker, who has been bedridden since going into a coma Oct. 13, is now able to walk a bit with help.

Despite the fact that his motor skill has been affected due to 12 strokes, Lamar is about to talk a little as he continues to defy the odds after almost dying two weeks ago. Wife Khloe Kardashian, who called off the couple’s divorce, has vowed to stay by Odom’s side as he recovers as long he promises not to do drugs anymore.

On October 13, the former NBA star was found unconscious after spending $79,000 over four days at the Love Ranch in Nevada, a legal brothel. The prostitutes, Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, visited Lamar up to 6 times a day during his four-day brothel stay. Now he is better his fans are happy. “Word is that the Kardashians are obviously very happy about the news, though they are slightly concerned because Lamar is now able to make his own decisions”, says a report.

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