Lamar Odom update: staph infection leaves his estranged wife immobile

Lamar Odom update: staph infection leaves his estranged wife immobile

Lamar Odom update: staph infection leaves his estranged wife immobile

Is Khloe Kardashian involved in a love, hate relationship with her estranged husband Lamar Odom? The former Lakers star Lamar Odom has been recovering after suffering drug abuse early last month.

His recovery has been amazingly fast and despite a few disturbing news about some sort of memory impairment, he is on course to recovery.

While Khloe Kardashian has been at his bedside for most of the time, she has made many outrageous comments about her estranged husband. And her continued relationship with her boyfriend is disturbing many fans of Odom who have been regularly taking a dig at her. Their objection stems from the fact that she is seeing another man while she has taken back her divorce application.

khloe-kardashianIn the meantime, merely a couple of days after attacking her husband for infidelity, she again went back to hospital to see him. Reports suggest that the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star her estranged husband a visit at the hospital on Nov. 22.
A report in the HollywoodLife says that it is due to her deep lover for him. “Their love runs deep. Khloe Kardashian, 31, put her anger aside to visit her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, 36, at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on Nov. 22…Khloe has regularly been visiting Lamar since he was first hospitalized in Nevada on Oct. 13, before he was moved to a Los Angeles medical facility. The former Mrs. Odom also halted her divorce from Lamar as he continues to recover, a decision which puts quite a bit of pressure on her shoulders…Khloe’s devotion to her one-time love is truly remarkable, especially considering the circumstances of their relationship before Lamar fell into a coma”.

Earlier the reality star said that she was not well. “Staph infection is no joke. Mine was exacerbated by stress which is not a great combo. I am under great medical care and receiving tons of love!”, said she in a tweet. In the meantime her Twitter rant went viral a few days ago when Twitterati criticized her. A Twitter user said, “You can’t be with harden and still be married fam, gotta chose one”. Another Twitter user fired another salvo saying, “For better or worse sickness and health till death do them part. I’m with you she needs to pick one or the ou”. Apparently this was too much for the KUWK starlet. “Divorce is still going forward. Doesn’t mean I won’t be there through sickness and health. I’ve proven that” she said and then went on to add in more aggressive tone, “You should have said those to the man who went against all our vows…Judge yourself. F–k off”.

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