Lamar Odom news update: Khloe Kardashian gave rosier picture of his recovery

Lamar Odom news update: Khloe Kardashian gave rosier picture of his recovery

Lamar Odom news update: Khloe Kardashian gave rosier picture of his recovery

Lamar Odom’s condition has improved considerably in the last more than two months. The way he was making strides till a few weeks ago gave us hope that he will be on his way home before the Christmas holidays and will be up on his feet.

But things always don’t move as we really expect them to move. His present condition is no less than a miracle in itself. From being comatose and in hopeless condition, Lamar Odom’s health has improved considerably. He is now trying to walk on his own and is talking, though haltingly. This is impressive improvement indeed.

Nonetheless in the last few weeks, the improvement has slowed down. But more than anything his memory loss is an issue that is the most worrying for his family and friends.

Lamar Odom Khloe KardashianA report in the Youth Health Magazine says that the former Lakers’ star is still suffering from “memory loss.”

There are allegations that Khloe Kardashian, his estranged wife, has put a far rosy picture of his health than what was really the case. A source was quoted by Radar Online as saying, “There really hasn’t been a lot of improvement in Lamar’s overall health and it’s time for him to transition from care at Cedars to another facility that can focus on his physical rehabilitation…Medically, there isn’t anything more that can be done for Lamar at Cedars Sinai.”

Now as his health is facing a sort of stalemate the question of where to shift him for rehab has arise. Radar Online report says, “Lamar’s people want him to be in a quality care facility…But they are having trouble finding one that is secure and will provide him with the treatment he needs…Khloe doesn’t want Lamar to be moved close to her house, because she feels that there would be pressure to visit him every day…And another facility they had considered can’t take Lamar because he is still unable to control his bladder. There will be a very, very long road to Lamar’s recovery and it’s unclear what’s next.”

Meanwhile there are apprehensions in the Lamar Odom’s team that Kardashian and Jenner family had painted a prettier picture of his recovery in an effort to avoid any backlash they may receive in the future once Lamar Odom is released from Cedars-Sinai. A report goes on to say, “People close to [Lamar Odom] believe the Kardashians are completely spinning the story, trying to make it seem like Lamar is better so that when Khloe doesn’t spend as much time with him or let him live with her she won’t get any backlash. It seems like they are all trying to get ahead of the backlash that is ultimately going to come when [Lamar Odom] leaves the hospital.”

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