Lamar Odom update: NBA star taking all his decisions now

Lamar Odom update: NBA star taking all his decisions now

Lamar Odom update: NBA star taking all his decisions now

Lamar Odom is doing better than before. Latest reports suggest that after more than a fortnight of medication the former NBA star is in much better shape. Now there are reasons to believe that his kidney doesn’t need transplantation and he is off dialysis.

There are other great news about Lamar Odom too. The former NBA star has been moved out of the ICU (intensive care unit) and has been transferred to a private ward. Lamar Odom had to undergo almost six hours of dialysis on a daily basis.

35-year old Odom had suffered multiple organ failure and remained comatose for several days. Later he came out of coma and started improving. His fast recovery seems to have impressed his doctors. Now it has been confirmed that his kidney is healthy and he will no longer need kidney transplant. Khloe Kardashian, his wife’s younger brother Rad had offered to donate his kidney to Odom, but now it will not be needed.

bruce-jenner-and-lamar-odomThere are other improvements in his health condition. Sources have said that he is “walking with help now” and “getting better every day.” It was also said that doctors were trying to reverse the damage done to Odom’s kidneys, which was initially a life-threatening concern. There are all sorts of rumors doing the rounds about the Lakers’ former player. Yesterday there were reports that Lamar had actually left the ICU at the hospital but now we’ve got even MORE good news! Odom is apparently doing so well recovering, that he’ll be off dialysis and won’t a kidney transplant! The major struggle over the past few days has been Lamar’s kidneys, but they’ve apparently responded very well to the treatment and he’s been moved to the floor of the hospital where they perform physical therapy.

Nonetheless there are some concerns too. His recovery will still take a long time as his motor skills were impaired due to the dozen of so strokes he suffered. Doctors claim that the athlete will have to go through some extremely tough therapy. Word is that the Kardashians are obviously very happy about the news, though they are slightly concerned because Lamar is now able to make his own decisions.

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