Lamar Odom health update: out of danger, moved out of ICU

Lamar Odom health update: out of danger, moved out of ICU

Lamar Odom health update: out of danger, moved out of ICU

Lamar Odom’s recovery seems to be astounding given his condition just a week or so ago. There were reports of multiple organ failures besides of course reports that he will need kidney transplant. Thankfully his organs are working fine and a latest report suggests he is off dialysis.

This means that the former NBA superstar will not need any kidney transplant as was being discussed in the media for the last week or so. Lamar Odom’s brother in law and Khloé Kardashian brother Rob Odom had said he is ready to gift one of his two kidneys to Odom.

The great news comes at a great time as Rob will not become a sacrificial lamb.

Lamar Odom’s recovery seems to be better than any imagination. His sports background may be behind his fast recovery as for a non-athlete even surviving such a tragedy is almost impossible.

Lamar Odom Khloe KardashianLamar Odom was found comatose at a Nevada brothel. He had consumed herbal Viagra and drugs while indulging in non-stop sex in the legal brothel. Thankfully his wife Khloé Kardashian came to be with him at this tragedy and has stayed put with him since then. Khloé Kardashian has stayed by Odom’s side while he’s on the mend and it looks like things continue to get better and better for the former NBAer!

There are all sorts of rumors doing the rounds about the Lakers’ former player. Yesterday there were reports that Lamar had actually left the ICU at the hospital but now we’ve got even MORE good news! Odom is apparently doing so well recovering, that he’ll be off dialysis and won’t a kidney transplant! The major struggle over the past few days has been Lamar’s kidneys, but they’ve apparently responded very well to the treatment and he’s been moved to the floor of the hospital where they perform physical therapy.

Meanwhile his recovery will still take a long time as his motor skills were impaired due to the dozen of so strokes he suffered. Doctors claim that the athlete will have to go through some extremely tough therapy.

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