Lamar Odom update: Will his health ever be the same?

Lamar Odom update: Will his health ever be the same?

Lamar Odom update: Will his health ever be the same?

SAN DIEGO, CA: Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband’s health isn’t improving the way we all had expected. After the initial euphoria about the fast improvement in his health, nothing good seems to be going his way.

While the reports of his organ failures have turned to be wrong and his kidneys are functioning normally, there are many other issues that have left his fans and family very concerned.

And the most important thing that has put pressure on his family and well-wishers’ minds is his memory loss. Though the extent of memory loss isn’t clear, what we have come to know makes us believe that his Las Vegas drug overdose has proved to be a nightmare for him. Many people are convinced that the former NBA star will never again be the same.

bruce-jenner-and-lamar-odomThere is no denying the fact that he has recovered substantially as initially his very survival from drug overdose was uncertain. He was found comatose, unresponsive and bleeding from the nose and mouth at the Love Ranch brothel on October 13 this year.

RadarOnline while quoting a source says, “The most difficult aspect of Lamar’s recovery, apart from learning to walk, has been dealing with the ongoing incontinence…He has been unable to control his bladder muscles and the urge to go. He refuses to wear an adult diaper, and is going through numerous pairs of underwear daily.”

The report goes on to add that thus far Odom has tried his best to keep it a secret from people who come calling him every now and then. All his soiled underwear is sent out to a laundry service on a daily basis.
Nonetheless his doctors believe that the issue will be solved in due course. A source says, “Doctors are hopeful that as Lamar continues to recover, the incontinence won’t be an issue”.

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