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Lamar Odom Condition Update: Son shares father’s selfie on Instagram

Lamar Odom Condition Update: Son shares father’s selfie on Instagram

Lamar Odom Condition Update: Son shares father’s selfie on Instagram

Lamar Odom’s condition seems to have improved substantially. There is no denying the fact. The first picture of the former Lakers’ star player appeared on a social networking site thanks to his son who took a selfie of his father along with his sister and posted it for all to see.

Before the picture appeared on Instagram, people were unsure about the extent of his improvement. The picture shows him hale and hearty, though it doesn’t shed any light on his memory loss issue.

Nonetheless he has come a long way from being comatose and unresponsive. According to his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, doctors had said that he will live only for a couple of hours.

lamar odom with kidsDoctors who treated him after being taken to a Las Vegas hospital immediately after being found in very bad shape in a Nevada brothel claim that his recovery is nothing short of miracle.

Till now there were apprehensions about his health improvement. But the picture posted on Instagram, shows Odom and his son with Odom showing smile on his face. Although the actual Instagram account of Odom is locked, the photo that was posted on Thursday was quickly shared by several news outlets in the United States, including the US Weekly and the Washington Post.

There is no denying the fact that the photo shows the former Los Angeles Lakers star forward in fact doing great in his recovery phase. Several reports are even saying that he already is taking a few steps on his own and without the aid of a walker. Although progress has been slow, the most important thing is there is one.

Nonetheless despite significant improvement, his close friends and family are still very much concerned that the reality TV star will no longer live a normal life. It’s a valid concern knowing the fact that he almost died and had to endure multiple surgeries to repair what’s broken, including his brain. The photo gives great hope to his fans who have been praying for him for the last several weeks.

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