Lamar Odom health update: TMZ says Nye County D.A. may prosecute him for drugs

Lamar Odom health update: TMZ says Nye County D.A. may prosecute him for drugs

Lamar Odom health update: TMZ says Nye County D.A. may prosecute him for drugs

Lamar Odom’s troubles may be far from over. He has still to spend at least a year in hospital and then in rehab. Now his memory issue too has come into the focus.

Some sources close to his family have claimed that the former Lakers superstar is facing difficulty in recognizing friends and even family members. Since then the talk of his memory being badly affected has been doing the rounds.

This is not the only major problem with him. Despite the fact that he has started walking with the help of a walker, it is still a long and tiresome way to go. His speech is still far from being coherent and it will need months of therapy when he will be able to speak completely.
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Nonetheless he has improved tremendously. His organs are working fine, his kidneys that were said to have failed and he had to undergo dialysis are working fine. His doctors had initially said he is unlikely to walk or talk as his motoring skills were badly affected due to the medical tragedy he had suffered.

On October 13 he was found comatose in the Love Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada. He had reportedly consumed large number of herbal Viagra in the course of three days stay there.

There were also reports that he had used cocaine and other illegal substances. Meanwhile there are reports that prosecutors may take action against Lamar Odom. Reports suggest that prosecutors may file cocaine possession charges against him. Nonetheless reports suggest that if they do, it could be a first for the D.A., which raises troubling questions. A TMZ report while talking in this regard says, “Nye County D.A. Angela Bello says her office is considering filing criminal charges against Lamar — either possession of coke or being under the influence of a controlled substance…An official from the Nye County Sheriff’s office tells us they have definitely referred such cases to the D.A., but the official does not know of any cases that have actually been prosecuted”.

D.A. claim that they don’t have any idea if they ever prosecuted someone who ended up in the hospital after OD’ing on drugs none. “He’s not being treated any differently because he’s a celebrity. He’s being treated just like any other Joe Schmo” said the DA office.

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