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Lamar Odom health update: Gets respite for drug abuse

Lamar Odom health update: Gets respite for drug abuse

Lamar Odom health update: Gets respite for drug abuse

After several adverse reports there is finally some good news for the embattled Lakers star Lamar Odom. The former NBA star who is recuperating in a Los Angeles hospital for the last one and half months is still going to remain there for at least six months. There are other reports that he may never regain his health.

Lamar Odom was discovered comatose in a brothel. He is said to have consumed at least ten herbal Viagra –termed unsafe for health by FDA –in a matter of just three days. He is also said to have been regularly using coke during his stay at the Nevada brothel where he ran a bill of $80000.

There were reports that he may be prosecuted for possessing coke. Nonetheless now there are reports that he may not be prosecuted for coke possession. The overzealous Nye County D.A. in Nevada is abandoning the statements made by the Sheriff, who said there was a strong chance Lamar would be put on trial for cocaine possession, claim TMZ Law enforcement sources.

Clinical reports immediately after he was found suggested that his blood revealed he was high on coke when he became unconscious. TMZ quoted sources as saying that the D.A. now says they will consider Lamar’s medical condition and mental state in determining whether to charge him. Lamar is barely able to speak, walk and his cognitive functions are also severely impaired. According to some research done by TMZ there wasn’t a single case in Nye County where someone was put on trial for cocaine possession when they landed in the hospital with severe damage.

Meanwhile Lamar Odom’s estranged wife’s brother Rob Kardashian is unsparing in his attack on his sister for abandoning Odom. Rob Kardashian is upset with his elder sister Khloe Kardashian for making him “believe” that she was getting back together with her estranged husband. “Rob hates how she’s strung Lamar along and believes that’s why he went even further off the rails than he would have had she just set him free…She [Khloe] led him to believe there was a chance of a reunion for so long that he put everyone on hold and had to sit there while she was wined and dined by all these other guys”, a source told Radar Online.

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