Who is Katie Brown and why her dog’s picture is going viral?

Who is Katie Brown and why her dog’s picture is going viral?

Who is Katie Brown and why her dog’s picture is going viral?

One of Katie Brown’s picture is going viral at the moment. She had posted a picture of her dog with her muzzle duct-taped shut and since then she is being hounded.

Animal lovers are particularly incensed at the woman and have taken the case to authorities who are now investigating the case.

Thousands and thousands of animal and dog lovers were hounding her as she posted a picture showing her dog with her mouth duct-taped shut. The miserable looking dog’s picture went viral as people started hounding her and even forwarded the picture to authorities with a request to take stringent action against her. There are reports that police received several hundred calls from concerned animal lovers in this regard.katie brown

The picture attracted so much attention that in a matter of hours it was shared as many as 100,000 times, with angry comments flooding the social media site and her page.

The woman in question, 45-year old Katie Brown, had put the picture of the canine on her timeline at sometimes around 9 a.m. on Friday, November 27. The picture was going viral within hours and animal rights activists had started taking note of it and even reported the issue to officials.

There are confusing reports about her city as her Facebook page shows her belonging to South Daytona, Florida, but other reports suggest she has also lived in Avon, Connecticut.

The image has forced the authorities to check at her both the addresses in Florida and Connecticut. After being inundated with calls to act the City of South Daytona said in a statement on its Facebook page “The South Daytona Police are aware of the disturbing Facebook posting and photo by Katie Brown regarding her treatment of a dog…Be assured that there is an active animal cruelty investigation in progress. We are taking this very seriously. Please don’t send further emails or messages as our email system is overwhelmed. We thank you for your help.”

Officials kept people informed about the progress in the matter. “Latest update on Katie Brown Facebook posting of dog. Family member confirmed that she has not lived in South Daytona for about 1.5 years, although her Facebook still showed the South Daytona location. This appears to have occurred in Avon, CT where she currently lives, although the address posted by many people is not her current address. SDPD investigator is turning this case over to AVON authorities. Thank you to everyone who helped us out. Lets hope this gets resolved quickly”, the city authorities later gave update on their Facebook page.

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