Kathie Lee Gifford on Frank Gifford’s funeral: He hated it

Kathie Lee Gifford on Frank Gifford’s funeral: He hated it

Kathie Lee Gifford on Frank Giffords funeral: He hated it

Kathie Lee Gifford is finding it really hard to live without her husband Frank Gifford who left her alone after being with her for more than 29 years. They were married for 29 years, though their association was far longer.

Frank Gifford’s widow seems to be heartbroken following the death of 84-year old Frank. Despite their huge age difference, the two spent very long and happy married life. Notwithstanding the fact that there were many issues like normal couples and many other that may not look like normal, but the two remained steadfast to each other.

When she returned to the Today show two days ago she showered praise on him as if he was her hero and not her husband who had lived her for decades and whose every big and small shortcoming was known to her. She talked in detail about her husband and his past “He was born in 1930 into a poverty-stricken home where his father was an oil worker…He knew what it was like to be hungry. He knew what it was like to have no clothes on your back…But it made him so grateful. Honestly, he is the most grateful human being I have ever known and that colored everything he did.” She also noted that his faith played a key role in his perspective on the world….They had nothing, but they had their faith…Every time they moved to a new town, they’d go to church every week as a family, and, as a young child, Frank asked Jesus into his heart and that stayed with Frank his entire life”.

kathie lee giffordThen she started praising him as if he was no less than a saint. “His world got smaller as his God got bigger…We laughed until the very end and I just want you to know that this was a man who died in complete peace…I’m grateful that the Lord took him that way because the only thing Frank has ever afraid of his entire life was being a burden to his loved ones…So I think the Lord for that, for his grace to us as a family” she added

In the meantime while talking to PEOPLE Kathie Lee says, “Frank was a beautiful man with a beautiful, generous heart…He lived fully and loved deeply, and he leaves an amazing legacy of lives touched and changed.” One of the most renowned New York Giants running back breathed his last on 9th August at his Connecticut home.

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