Kate Middleton due rumors, predictions: Royal baby birth may see exclusive Twitter announcement

Kate Middleton due rumors, predictions: Royal baby birth may see exclusive Twitter announcement

Kate Middleton due rumors, predictions: Royal baby birth may see exclusive Twitter announcement

Three days after due date there is no sight of baby. Though three US publications have claimed that the baby has already been born this is just a bul…t and nothing more.

Three US entertainment publications have come out with stories claiming that the second royal baby has already been born. First two were Life & Style and OK! Magazine and the third is Star Magazine to claim that the second child has been born. The three publications seem to have filled their issue with lots of fabricated lies and more lies to be ahead of their competitors.

To be true The Duchess of Cambridge has still not been taken to the hospital as the labor hasn’t even begun. This is nothing unnatural. Many women could go into labor several weeks before due date, while many others have to wait for it for weeks.

kate middleton with prince william and Baby GeorgeFitPregnancy while quoting Alex C. Vidaeff, M.D., M.P.H says, “No woman should feel nervous or anxious if she’s still pregnant after her due date…Due dates can be off by a week in either direction.” Alex C. Vidaeff, M.D., M.P.H., who is a maternal-fetal medicine researcher and practitioner at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston says that even two weeks is not too late either.

A report while talking about how to calculate your pregnancy says that “In the first trimester, your due date is calculated by adding 40 weeks (280 days) to the first day of your last menstrual period, then synched with ultrasound images that date the age of the embryo or fetus. But the result is just an educated “guesstimate.” “You might really be 39 weeks when you think you’re at 40,” says Vidaeff, adding that pregnancy length is, in many cases, genetically determined”.

Confirmed reports suggest that Kate Middleton was expected to give birth over the weekend, but is now believed to be at least four days overdue. “She’s well, in good spirits…Although it would be fair to say also eager for the time to come” a royal source told Us Weekly. The birth is all set to take place at St Mary’s hospital where royal couple’s first child Prince George was born.

There are reports that full term mum is awaiting the arrival of the baby very patiently with her mother Carole at her Kensington Palace apartment, enjoying walks around the gardens with her mother, little George and their dog Lupo. Now there are reports that the mom to be is expected to be induced due to the fact she is past her due date.

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