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Kate Middleton due date rumored to be on April 25: Latest news, updates

Kate Middleton due date rumored to be on April 25: Latest news, updates

Kate Middleton due date rumored to be on April 25: Latest news, updates

Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to be parents again, presumably in the next ten days. The future queen of England is all set to give birth to her second child later this month. Though the couple, officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, hasn’t yet announced the expected date, leaks from inside the Buckingham Palace claim that delivery is slated for April 25.

Reports suggest that while Kate Middleton is expected to be a full time mom to her two young children, her husband, is not expected to take more than two weeks off from his present job. Reports suggest that Kate is on maternity leave since March 28 and is all set to be off royal duties for at least a year “fully enjoy the bonding experience”.

Prince Williams has been working for quite sometimes as a pilot at East Anglia Air Ambulance and he has reportedly got two weeks off as paternity leave. It is anybody’s guess that a week’s further leave is not that difficult for the prince as his company may need him more than he needing the company.

KATE-MIDDLETON-570Much before the arrival of the due date, almost anyone across the world who was even least interested about Kate’s pregnancy knows that she will give birth to a baby girl. Bookies have been betting on the name “Charlotte” for the royal baby, but the parents have said that they have no idea about the child’s gender. Earlier a report said that immediately after the reports of her second pregnancy became clear, Kate and William had asked Queen Elizabeth’s permission to name their baby after her.

There is no doubt that Kate Middleton will give birth at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. This is the same facility where she gave birth to Prince George some two years ago.

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