Kansas City Royals’s World Series 2015 entry a big boost for Royals

Kansas City Royals’s World Series 2015 entry a big boost for Royals

Kansas City Royals’s World Series 2015 entry a big boost for Royals

Kansas City Royals have amazed almost everyone by entering the World Series. They not just decimated Toronto Blue Jays in an enticing Game 6 of the American League championship series and won it rather easily but also headed straight to the World Series.

The Toronto Blue Jays didn’t give in suddenly or wilted under pressure. They played with gusto, but in the second half, the Kansas City Royals completely dominated over them. Toronto Blue Jays made many mistakes, but they are a tough adversary and don’t give in rather easily.

It is a huge achievement. It is going to be the Royals’ second World Series championship. The first came in their memorable victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in 1985. Faced with higher expectations and left with a bitter taste in their mouth, the Royals looked the part of a contender. The AL Central was theirs to lose and rather than lose it, they actually ran away with it. Even with key players like James Shields and Billy Butler gone, the Royals continued on and even improved.

usa ice hockeyThere is no denying the fact that the turnaround of sorts that the Royals’ have seen in their fortunes wouldn’t have been possible without the heroics of Salvador Perez. Kansas City Royals needed one player who could defy the logic and perform in any condition. And Salvador Perez has done precisely this in the current season. The three-time All-Star catcher has appeared in 138 games in the last three seasons. It is common knowledge that he doesn’t complain and he continues producing both offensively and defensively. This season, Perez hit 260/.280/.426 with 21 homer and 70 RBIs. He’s added another four homers in the postseason, all while providing the usual leadership and Gold Glove defense. And he’s done the majority of it while playing through pain. He’s the real deal.

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