Kalon Tripa to Visit Tibetan Settlements in Ladakh

Kalon Tripa to Visit Tibetan Settlements in Ladakh

DHARAMSHALA (CTA) : Kalon Tripa Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche will be visiting Tibetan settlements in Ladakh and meet with Tibetan populace living there.  Kalon Tripa will visit Sonamling Tibetan Settlement in Leh, Ladakh, on 24 June.

He will meet Tibetan welfare officer, president and staff of co-operative society, members of local Tibetan legislative assembly, president Tibetan children’s village school, teachers, medical doctors, regional non-governmental organisations including Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association and camp leaders on the following day.

Kalon Tripa will give a talk on “Buddhism for world peace” to the general public on 26 June in Jhokhang Vihar in Leh to be hosted by the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies located there.

On 27 June, Kalon Tripa will meet and talk to the settlement officers, members of local Tibetan assembly, teachers, students, staff and local Tibetans living in northern part of Ladakh at Nyima, Guidyul, Sumdho, Hanley and Kagshung.

Kalon Tripa will talk to Tibetans in Chumur and Samedh, Kharnak, Sumdho, on 28 June.

On 29 June, Kalon Tripa will meet and talk to the students and staff of the Tibetan Children’s Village School and to the students and staff in Central Institute for Buddhist Studies in Leh.

Last year, Kalon Tripa visited Tibetan settlements in northeastern parts of India in June, Tibetan settlements in Himachal Pradesh in July and Mainpat Phendeling Tibetan settlement in May.

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