Justin Bieber smoking weed, paparazzi scuffle and his UK tour


    He is in news for all the wrong reasons. Justin Bieber is in headlines for smoking weed, paparazzi scuffle and his UK tour

    We told you that something was not right for Justin Bieber and the teenager’s week just got worse.

    After his trip to a hospital after getting fainted on stage, Bieber happened to enter an altercation with some insult-hurling paparazzi as if coming late for a concert, fainting during a concert was not enough and now this? What is happening boy.

    During the altercation, Beiber happened to lash out at a photographer with a stream of expletives as he was controlled by escorts.

    It was twitter again that Bieber resorted to for handling the situation that he got into. The singer also pledged that the adrenalin rush that he was experiencing will be expressed during his next concert.

    Bieber wrote on twitter that ‘Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me. Sometimes when people r shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst thing possible at u…well I’m human. Rough week’.

    Beiber had just told his fans that he was getting better and this happened immediately after and he was back into limelight.

    Beiber has been at it even before. Not his fault, the kind of popularity he enjoys, he ought to get attention for every little move he makes.

    Instances that got the best of Beiber have been many and some of the important ones span across May 2012 to January 2013.

    The Canadian singer was even scrutinized for criminal battery in May last year.

    The singer presently resides in California and one of the much talked about fight also happened in California at a mall in Calabasas. The cameraperson with whom the singer had a row had to be taken to a hospital in an ambulance after he experienced pain in his upper torso.

    In another incident, the teenager was reportedly driving at 80 mph as he made an attempt to escape photographers but someone who saw him zooming claimed that the speed was more than admitted by the police.

    Beiber’s manager had also admitted that if he was on patrol, he would have arrested the singer for driving rashly. Police had to be called for help after Beiber’s car was pulled over.

    Then it was not Beiber but his car that was being driven by one of his close pals. A photographer while trying to snap a pic of the car thinking that it was Beiber was killed. Now, this was big and made headlines. The photographer was rammed into by a SUV as he was crossing a street at LA.

    Beiber had expressed concern after the incident happened and had asked the police to take required steps for the safety of everyone from celebs to public bystanders.

    Coming back to the recent incident, Beiber stated that his rage will be shown in his concert at London but beware kid, you are facing a lot of trouble of late and we don’t want you to be in anymore crisis.