Justin Bieber cancels Lisbon show, struggling without Selena Gomez


    Justin Bieber has cancelled his Lisbon show. Apparently he seems to be struggling without Selena Gomez, his sweetheart for years and years.

    We told you that Justin Bieber was experiencing an unpleasant phase and something was not right. He has a go at it again. He had to call off a show at Lisbon due to unstated reasons but we know these ‘reasons’. The ticket sales were low.

    The teenager has had a distressing weekend. Coming late to a concert, fainting on the stage in another show, going to a hospital, threatening to beat up a photographer, and now, cancelling a show at Portugal.

    Bieber had two shows scheduled in Lisbon. He had to cancel one of them. Reasons stated are ‘unforeseen circumstances’. We know it boy, we know the unforeseen reasons.

    A statement stated that fans of the concert who bought tickets can claim a refund within 30 days, the period ending on April 11.

    Source close to Beiber has stated that due to business decisions, the show was called off. The source also added that the ticket sales were over 60 per cent but not good enough for the venue. Reason accepted Beiber, our suggestion to you is to get a hold of yourself and take it from the start.

    Beiber has been experiencing a string of problems, one after the other. He indulged in a verbal confrontation with a UK photographer while leaving his London hotel. The photographer claimed that the Canadian singer abused him and assaulted him before being held by his bodyguard.

    Before this, he made his fans cry as he made them wait for over two hours before finally stepping onto that stage. Some of his fans had to leave early without watching the whole show. There were some who even tweeted that ‘Never again’. It has finally come true for Beiber, but we never thought that it will come true so early.

    There are gossips that Beiber’s hectic lifestyle has made him call off the Portugal show. C’mon Beiber fans, don’t fool yourselves and others by spreading such rumours, we all know it and let us face it.

    With about 60 per cent of ticket sales, the venue would have been empty by a little less than half. Beiber would have got the shock of his life. This would have yielded him embarrassment; after all, he is one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

    Bieber was scheduled to make fans go gaga over him, as they usually go, with his songs at the Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon but alas! He could not make them go gaga over him, probably he didn’t have many fans to go fanatical for Beiber as he performed, something that he is so used to see.

    The pop sensation is in a habit to see a 100 per cent ticket sales for his concert and this one was just a little over half. The rest of the week will be spent in Europe by Beiber, with a string of shows lined up for him.

    The Believe tour has been in headlines since its inception. Our word of caution for you Beiber: Take it easy!