Jonas, East Coast storm kills 18 people in USA: 10000 flights canceled

Jonas, East Coast storm kills 18 people in USA: 10000 flights canceled

Jonas, East Coast storm kills 18 people in USA: 10000 flights canceled

The massive winter storm Jonas has badly impacted life across the US East Coast. More than 15 people have reportedly lost their lives in the blizzard that started hitting the area yesterday and till now there is no respite from bad weather condition.

Till now there are no reports of the storm slowing down. On the other hand the massive amount that has piled up across the US East Coast including New York City and Washington has badly impacted the live. The latest blizzard seems to have impacted as many as 85 million people across the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic.

Verified reports suggest that as many as 18 people have been killed nationwide due to weather-related incidents. 11 states have proclaimed emergency in the worsening weather condition. New York had imposed a travel ban till further orders.

Officials seem to be alarmed by what is being done by the weather. “Stay home, shelter in a warm place and allow snow plough operators and emergency responders to have free passage and control of the road ways,” Leif Dormsjo, the Director of Washington DC’s Department of Transportation said. On the other hand New York City officials have said that they will arrest anyone venturing out onto roads. “After 2:30pm [EST] and you’re on the road, we will arrest you,” said James P. O’Neill, the NYPD Chief of Department, during a press conference.

In many cities across the US vehicles were submerged in several foot of snow. As of 5:30pm EST, snow levels had reached up to 40 inches in Virginia, 38 inches in Maryland, 35 inches in Pennsylvania, with New Jersey, New York and Washington DC following closely behind. Airlines were also feeling the impact of the storm, with over 10,100 flights having been cancelled between Friday and Sunday, according to online airline tracker Flight Aware.

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