Jolla, first Sailfish smartphone with 4.5 screen, 8MP camera, 4G unveiled


    It runs on a new operating system based on MeeGo. Jolla, the first Sailfish smartphone with 4.5 screen, 8MP camera and 4G has been unveiled. But it will be released months later

    The smartphone market is already overcrowded. We see new and newer entrants in the market and offering new and improved products every other day. But to be true, the whole market seems to be dominated by three operating systems alone including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating systems. With market expanding really fast and furiously there is huge scope for more operating systems to enter the market and give people more choice in terms of features, specifications and much more.

    Thankfully before the year-end we are going to get our hands at a handset that will be run by a new operating system Sailfish. This operating system is an improved form of MeeGo that was showcased by Nokia a few years ago. But the Finnish tech giant abandoned it without giving it a good try.

    Now a few top engineers of the company who left it after dissenting against adoption of Windows Phone by the company have come out with a much more improved and customizable version of the OS in the form of Sialfish and have showcased a really impressive handset that can attract at least some people to it.

    The Jolla phone is all set to be release before the yearend and comes with really good specifications. The Jolla Phone running on Sailfish OS comes with an impressive 4.5in screen, eight megapixel camera and other good innards, though many details are yet to be announced to the world. Its display resolution is still a mystery as the processor the company will be putting inside its 4.5 inch body. The handset will be 4G compatible. Another great feature of this handset and others will be the fact that they will be compatible with apps made for Google’s Android. For new customers this will be an added advantage to try it out.