Jeb Bush White House 2015 bid to be announced on 15th June

Jeb Bush White House 2015 bid to be announced on 15th June

Jeb Bush White House 2015 bid to be announced on 15th June

If two Bushes were not enough to ‘serve’ the US, this third from the family is staking his claim on the White House. Yes, Jeb Bush is all ready to announce his candidature for the US presidential election 2016.

There are already around a dozen prominent Republican leaders who have announced their intention to win the Republican nomination to take on the Democrats for the next year’s election.

It seems nothing amazing about his decision to take the plunge. He has been showing his intent and sending signals for more than a year now and many people were certain that Jeb Bush will finally join the ever-expanding Republican presidential campaign field. Now there are reports that he will make a formal announcement in this regard on June 15.

Jeb BushA Reuter report while talking about Jeb Bush said, “the former Florida governor, widely expected to run for the Republican nomination, wrote “coming soon” on Twitter with a link to the website On that page, the date 06.15.15 was listed, followed by the tease, “BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. RSVP NOW!” Bush also tweeted it in Spanish, “Próximamente 6.15.15.”

Earlier while talking about his plan to fight the election next year he had said earlier, “My expectation, my hope is I’ll be a candidate”. He made the comment while attending an economic forum in Florida with other 2016 GOP prospects. Aides confirmed Bush had made a decision and that he’ll announce it in Miami on June 15, on the heels of a European trip where he’ll visit longtime allies Germany, Poland and Estonia.

There are reasons that he is very excited about the support from a wide spectrum of Republicans. “Governor Bush is thankful for the support and encouragement he has received from so many Americans during the last several months and looks forward to announcing his decision”, said a Republican supporter.

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