Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush for President 2016: What is going wrong?

Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush for President 2016: What is going wrong?

Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush for President 2016: What is going wrong?

Before the beginning of the campaigning for the Republican primaries, Jeb Bush was seen as the natural choice of the GOP as he comes with long administrative experience and the backing of the GOP establishment.

But long before the primaries concludes, he seems to be losing the momentum that his campaign could hardly generate. With Jeb being overshadowed by not just Donald Trump but others too, his funders too have started deserting him.

Amidst the gloom, Jeb Bush who boasts of two US presidents in his family, seems to have come out with a now or never sort of type push to revive his sagging fortunes.

Jeb BushHe seems to have come out with a new campaign “Jeb Can Fix It” and is now set to tour key voting states.

The former Florida governor has not impressed many people in the first three GOP debates and many people have already written him off. Although it is unclear what “it” is, political analysts say his campaign would be a good place to start.

Bush has been more than lackluster in his campaign thus far. A new NBC-Wall Street Journal released Monday suggests that Bush is trailing behind neurosurgeon Ben Carson by 21 points and business czar Donald Trump by 15 points. The worst part of it is the fact that he also trails both men in his home state of Florida.

Analysts believe that Bush has failed to connect to the masses unlike some other candidates. Lara Brown, professor of political management at George Washington University says, “Thus far, Bush has not appealed to large numbers of voters or, for that matter, to small dollar donors…It is true that Bush has plentiful resources, but money won’t make the difference if he cannot connect with the electorate”.

While on the tour, Bush talked about Obama’s failures. He told audience in Tampa that Barack Obama has been completely failed to give right direction to the country. “We need a president who can fix it”. Apparently people don’t find him convincing enough to troop behind him.

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