Italian cruise ship: woman says arrested captain saved 3000 lives


    Rescue operation has been suspended on Italian cruise ship. Meanwhile a woman has said that the arrested captain saved 3000 lives. The captain is under house arrest and may face manslaughter charges.

    The ill fated Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia drifted some meters from where it was for a couple of days when it started sinking. More than a week later and 11 confirmed death, besides 21 missing persons, the rescue operation to save those 21 missing people has finally been suspended.

    Meanwhile the captain of the ship who was being assailed for his ‘wrong’ decisions with ‘adverse’ impact on the cruise has received some respite when a female passenger travelling on the ship claimed that the captain had successfully got the ship evacuated saving more than 3000 lives of passengers and crew. She told the prosecutors that he didn’t flee the scene, but tripped and fell in a rescue boat.

    The authorities have recalled the rescuers and divers who were trying to find out the missing persons. The step had become necessary as the ship changed its course and moved once again. It had moved a few days ago too, creating panic among the rescue teams.

    The incharge of the rescue team Luca Cari said that their team was trying to reach a consensus whether to continue the search as around a week had passed and the search was comprehensively done inside the wrecked ship. The crew had entered even those areas of the ship that were inaccessible by exploding holes in them.

    There is a real danger to the lives of the rescuers who have to move inside the ship, deep inside water with one side up and the other side very deep in the water. When the waves become strong, the ship moves endangering the lives of the rescue teams. Twice in the last week, the search has been postponed.

    An Italian official while talking to a television station said, “The ship is a labyrinth. It’s gigantic and it’s lying on its side in the water. It’s a miracle that so many survived”.


    1. The ill fated ship captain was saved almost life . he have right to travel any where. no need to punish like house arrest.this is unfair.he was tried to control everything.but some thing went out of his control.what he can him with out punishment.

      lot of pray with thanks

      g v pillai

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