Italian cruise ship captain made error of judgment: Costa Concordia accident tragic


    He has been arrested and the ship company says that Italian cruise ship captain made error of judgment. Meanwhile Costa Concordia accident was tragic, to say the least.

    Costa Concordia is sinking slowly off the coast of an Italian resort. The huge ship that can carry around 5000 people including the crew members is among the biggest ships to have sunken in recent years and that too with around 4300 people onboard.

    The best thing however is the fact that very few people lost their lives and sustained injuries. The latest casualty figures show 5 dead and around 40 injured. All other have been taken to safety except 18 people for whom search continues even now.

    The prosecutors meanwhile have arrested the ship captain for inelegancy. Though he was not the first person to flee the ship, the Italian prosecutors have said that he left the ship when all the persons were not shifted to safer place. The company that ran the Italian cruise liner has also said that there was error of judgment on the part of the captain of the sunken ship.

    The reason that so few people lost their lives on board such a huge ship that sunk in the sea was because of the fact that it happened very lose to coast where emergency help could easily be summoned.

    When launched in the sea in the year 2006, the cruise was the biggest in Europe and among the biggest few ships in the world. The cruise industry had said that sinking of ships that way it happened with Titanic was unthinkable in recent time.

    They say that the modern cruise liners have become impregnable fortresses that couldn’t be submerged in sea as it used to happen with ships in the past. With so much at stake – besides the lives of passengers –the modern day big cruise liners may cost upwards of 1 billion dollars, the security features are very high. But with the latest incident it seems that the specter of past incidents may come to haunt the industry in a big way in the days to come. But an expert while talking about the threat to such huge ships says, “These ships are floating hotels – skyscrapers, really. The design has been extrapolated from that of smaller ships: they have high sides, a small draught [the depth below the waterline] and are very difficult to manoeuvre in high winds.”

    Meanwhile people are very disappointed and outraged with the sinking of the ship. An expert says, “I have no idea what happened here, but the preliminary reports make no sense.  There was a loud noise and the power went out and there was a fire.  How could a rock cause those?  It is possible that water rushing in onto a boiler could have caused it.  Maybe there was an explosion that tore a hole in the ship and no rock.  The captain assumed he hit a rock that was not on the charts.  He then steered the ship to shore to beach it, aiming at the harbor lights seen in the photos”.

    A reader says, “The problem is that in the situation of an accident very few people can do like they do on the drills.  I worked on a high-rise and we made fire drills every year. When a real fire broke out the ones that could get there heads clean, needed to push people out of the elevators and down the stairs, because people were panicking or taking pictures with their cell phones.  Strangely many people didn´t even knew how to open the doors… they tried to take them down instead of pushing the bar to open and get out. With people running around everywhere, even if the crew was giving the directions to evacuate, there would be always people crashing out everywhere and scaring some of the other ones. And when the accidents struck, everyone just thinks of themselves and nobody else. Just think on your house and when something bad happens, you think on you and your family. Everything else is forgotten.  So, even it a trained crew (and remember that 900 of those “crew members” are sellers, people that serves the tables and helpers) that never gets over the 100 on a cruise like this are just overwhelmed by the situation. The other ones just help on what they can and they learned from the safety drills made a little before departing.  Lets hope that more people are alive inside the ship and others are already on land and just unaccounted for”.


    1. As a retired Coast Guard Captain it is hard to imagin a Captain with as much experiance as the Captain of the Costa Concordia has in these waters doing what he did to sink the boat and then abanden it befor the passengers were safe. unless he was DRUNK or otherwise impared.

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