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There is so much confusion about the greatest man on earth of our times that it seems very disturbing. The question as to whether Nelson Mandela is dead or alive is on everyone’s lips. Meanwhile his grandson who claims that he is alive is in news for all the wrong reasons

With former south African President Nelson Mandela lying critical in  the hospital, this is perhaps the worst time for the internal family feud of the Mandela clan to come out in open. Even as the world prays for the ailing leader, the Thembu tribe, to which Mandela belongs, has expelled Mandla Mandela.

The grandson of Nelson Mandela, Mandla was expelled ‘from all rank of duties’, by King Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo of the Thembu tribe. He said Mandla, a chieftain in the Mvezo area of the Eastern Cape province, would not be allowed any involvement in tribal affairs until he apologises.

The expulsion came after his involvement in the ongoing family feud over gravesites of Mandela’s three children. Mandla had removed the remains of the three from Qunu to Mvezo in 2011 without the approval of other family members, who filed a lawsuit against him late last month. After the court ruling, the remains were exhumed from Mvezo and reburied in Qunu last week.

Mandla wanted them to be buried in Mvezo where he took over the tribal chieftaincy from Mandela after the latter became president in 1994. But other family members insist on the family burial in Qunu village, where Mandela spent his childhood. According to his family even though the former South African President was born in Mvezo, he has expressed his willingness to be buried in Qunu.

Following the ugly dispute that drew flak from across the glove, Dalindyebo, Mandela’s a cousin accused Mandla of disrespecting his culture and family while describing him “controversial” and “opportunistic”.


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  • Ernie6274

    I think ALL WHO ARE involved in the ongoing family feud over the burial of Nelson Mandela are disrepecting Mandela’s Legacy. MANDELA IS STILL ALIVE…RESPECT THIS GRACE FROM GOD! IT IS TIME TO PRAY FOR HIS COMPLETE HEALING. PEOPLE ARE DYING OVER 100 YEARS OLD! WEBB EVANS, A WELL KNOWN BLACK ACTIVIST IN CHICAGO IS STILL ACTIVE AND PROMOTING BLACK PEOPLE TO SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS AT THE AGE OF 95 GOING ON 96!…HE IS ALWAYS IN THE MARCUS GARVEY ANNUAL PARADE! GOD IS SHOWING US ALL SOMETHING…MANDELA IS STILL WITH US…LET US ALL CONTINUE TO CELEBRATE HIS LIFE SINCE HE IS STILL ALIVE! Respectfully Submitted, Ms. Ernestine Gwendolyn Standberry, International Prolife Federation, Roosevelt University Alumni-Chicago/Southside Chapter in Memory of The Late Great Mayor Harold Washington, I-GRAM (Intercessory Golden Rule Agape Ministry) NBUF (National Black United Front), C.U.R.E. (Caucasians United For Reparations and Emancipation) CAN-TV Producer, Google Partner, Licensed Substitute Teacher For the State of Illinois Grades K-12