BY | September 21, 2012

(IANS) After registering a powerful box office collection in its opening weekend, Anurag Basu’s “Barfi!” has continued a successful run in the country. The Ranbir Kapoor-starrer has managed to earn Rs.58.6 crore in its first week.

The movie, released Sep 14, was made at a budget of Rs.30 crore.

It minted Rs.34.6 crore during the weekend, and amassed a total of Rs.58.6 crore over the week – Sep 14 (Rs.9.2 crore), Sep 15 (Rs.11.5 crore), Sep 16 (Rs.13.9 crore), Sep 17 (Rs.6.5 crore), Sep 18 (Rs.6 crore), Sep 19 (Rs.7.25 crore) and Sep 20 (Rs.4.25 crore).

The film, about love between differently-abled — a deaf and mute boy and an autistic girl — opened in approximately 700 screens in India, Sep 14.

“For ‘Barfi!’ we successfully managed to identify cinemas that complement the film. The idea was to ensure that film is available to all viewers within reach without over loading the film in first week,” Gaurav Verma, Director – India Theatrical Distribution, Studios, Disney UTV, said in a statement.

“We were very confident of the content and sure that the positive word of mouth publicity will get the audiences into the theatres and film will grow from show to show and day by day. This strategy has worked for the film and the response has been overwhelming,” he added.

The romantic comedy has touched viewers and critics alike with its simple, but powerful narrative. The movie, which also stars Priyanka Chopra, marked the Bollywood debut of southern actress Ileana D’Cruz, who has been appreciated for her performance.


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  • Sam

    Barfi redefines drama, romance and shows us the world through the eyes of mentally challenged people.Ranbir has added another star on the sky of the kapoor’s.This is what has been missing since years from the bollywood cinemas.If I would given a choice to watch one movie on the last day of my life then that would be Barfi.Thank you to all the crew and the actors of Barfi.Ranbir ann Prinkya you have made a special place in our hearts that is far far above the small things like box office collections or the ups and downs of the acting world…I just cant stop thinking about the movie….

  • bobby khan

    Don,t compare, ek tha tiger with barfi. Ek tha tiger earns in week 150 gross and net 102 cores and barfi just earns 58 crores. Salman khan is a king of the blockbusters and also king of bollywood.

  • rinp

    Salman Khan Bull shit . Ek tha tiger bull shit movie.People are wasting money by watching those type of movies. Barfi is outstanding.

  • Aram

    Ek Tha Tiger is movie for masses, Barfi is an experience for young and old who easily relate to the characters….its inappropriate to compare two different genres of movies!

    That being said please apply arithmetic and you’d appreciate that Barfi is doing way better than Ek Tha Tiger …! Come on released at modest 700 theaters with under 30 crores budget making 60+ crores is what is called BUSINESS…..contrary to releasing in a film in over 2500 screens and making it at a budget of 50+ crores.

  • http://rediffmail rahul thakur

    Salman khan king of box office and no 1 star in bollywood not compair ranvir kapoors barfi kaha salman aur kaha ranvir

  • Chandra

    Eek tha tiger released in 3000 screens and was meant for Riksawala..dhabawala…and bhais…Barfi is a classic movie made for genius and acted by genius….

  • Ujjawal

    barfi is a totally different concept and very nice too than ETT.ETT has a very senseless story ,it was hit only because of salman KHAN`s name.AND ramenber that BARFI is nominated for OSCAR.DId u hear that?BARFI & Ranbir rocks!ETT is one of the most worst film I ever saw

  • chetan

    For all those blind followers of Salman khan. Barfi has quality and sense a lot of which is always missing in salmans copied flicked from south movies. Get some logic in your life guys.

  • Vaibhav

    Barfi is one most beautyful movie of bollywood and this is the part of bollywood…Ranvir rocks in this film….pls dont compare with Ek tha Tiger becos this movie no scrip no story….why peaple waste the money for 1 tha tiger…if u want movie there is story acting and u leaved pls barfi …..I think he is best will be best 4 ever…

  • malekjorden

    salman king of bollywoad

  • Niraj

    Barfi z tym wartin movie.its better 2 see mr. Been at home

  • Bite_A_piece_of_that_Barfi

    Barfi is a truly awesome movie. Great acting,awesome cinematography and direction. Truly a wealth of talent.

  • Arnab Tumpy Bhattacharya

    Its high time media should understand that there is a difference between genres of films and it is injustice to good films to get compared to mass dominated ones.. Filsm like ETT gets released with 3000 screens..Now with marketing hype is created with star films.. so even a 80% opening ensures great opening weekend… Compared to a film like BArfi or Wasseypur which is released with limited prints it shouldn’t be compared to big releases.. even in that sense Barfi’s 58cr with 1300 screens is a winner than ETT when we see the released print to collection ratio…

  • Imroz

    Salman Bhai tense nai hone ka kuch logo ke senseless comments pr ki ETT is only for rikshawala dhabawala and bhais kyoki 200apprx collection sirf inke kaaran nai ho skta………. aur ye isliye possible hua h kyoki every citizen of our country loves u a lot and ur movies tooooooooooooo.

  • rohit

    dont compare salman with other he is a mass hero ett is a hit because of a nice entertainer with nothing skin show which can be seen with our older and young generation.we come to see movie to entertain and relax which is ett is about

  • ashlita

    i love to see such a beautiful romantic movie i enjoyed each and every movement of the story ranbeer is best, after amir khan he will be the next mr perfect,i don’t want to compare him with sharukh or salman because they r popular for their charm while ranbeer will become superstar because of his acting skill and cute face

  • http://Nvonews Amey

    ETT was not a gud film at all . Bt still collected approx 2oo crs . Just because of 1 man ! Who has biggest fan following in bollywood ! N I guees barfii is bettr film thn ETT . Bt m also u huge salman fan ! U can compar barfii n ETT ! Bt can’t compare ravir wit. Bhaii !

  • Hindu Warrior

    Ranbir will be the king of bollywood in upcoming years for sure,, u c,, he had proved already dat by Rockstar and Barfi!
    salman has been in bollywood for 25 years but none of movies has been nominated for oscar,, n ranbir is just 4 years old in bollywood but still barfi has been nominated for the oscar
    so simply Ranbir is the winner all the way

  • Hindu Warrior

    ETT was released in 3500 screens
    dats y it got bumper opening n also dont forget dat ticket rates were increased so 32 crore opening is very obvious
    while Barfi! was released in limited screens,, n the ticket rates were quite normal
    n whomever i asked about ETT they just answered same answer dat there is nothing in shit ETT,,
    only due to lallu power ETT got grand opening

  • Hindu Warrior

    this one line is enough to shut the bloody mouth of lallu fans

  • yallappa pawar

    ranbir kapoor is tallented actor, ex rokstar and burfi moveis.salman khan was not tallented actor,he is having strong storeis thats why is super star becuase of great directors.

  • Laiq

    All these hero and there fan on one side and only salman khan on the otherside so. Can see who is bigger better best

    All these salman haters dont have a fixed hero they jump each time with different hit film we are one hero fans that is SAL-MAN

  • vishnu yadav

    ek tha tiger blockbustar

  • vishnu yadav


  • Durgesh sharma

    Barfii is awesome against ETT obsohlutly.there was nothing only collection of ETT was rememberable,but on other haind,,Barfii is kind of epic like Ramayan & Mahabharat who’ll never be forget in any way.

  • monish shaikh

    salman ke aage sab paani kam hai .he is orignal tiger of bollywood.

  • monish shaikh

    the dabangg khan salman khan

  • ram chandra

    ranbir kapoor is one of d talented actor now in indian cinema. salman khan not at all talented…..salman is hit because of his fan’s and good director…other wise….he suck..

  • ranvir

    bhai ram chandra ji namaskar.
    salman is hit beacause of his fans
    to bhai fan apne aap nai bante na……aur kaun sa accha director hai salman k pass

    bhai aapko galat fehmi ho gai hai..
    acche director sahrukh k pass hain……

  • Justice Rana

    I respect both the actors but in context of movie Barfi is 10 out of 10 and ETT is 2 out of 100 LOL. In shortcut Ett is for the people who even can’t actually type one of the word correctly and barfi is for the standard literate people.

  • S

    Salman is pure lucky guy sans face expressions and acting. Pure Lucky. Acting wise if you see salman is 3/10 at the most So he being called Tiger of Bollywood/paani kam would be a misnomer of the highest order.
    And if compared movies od salman to other movies,salman’s are just brainless draws leave aside the hype factor associated with him.

  • http://www shahbaz khan bodyguard tiger

    door saala barfi koi film hai over acting kar raha tha RANDI KAPOOR
    isko koi acting bola jata hai isse accha to nana patekar kiya tha KHAMOSHI film me…
    bhai ka jagah koi nai le paega…
    NOTE:dekho bhai insaan ka chehra dekhke ya phir usko kuch ghanto ya dino me pehchana jata hai
    note:magar apna salmaan ko dekh ke lagta hai ki usme sacchai bhola pan aur insaniyaat hai.kai saloon se dekh rae hai BAAKI KHANO me ye zyada popular hai khas kar hum jese garibon mein.baaki star AKSHAY KUMAR,AJAY DEVGAN.SUNNY.BOBBY.IMRAN.RANDI KAPOOR.
    ye sabko bahut saloon se dekh rae hai…
    NOTE: ek special parhai hoti hai personality devlopement aur
    insan ko pechanne ki usme SURVEY HUA HAi

  • sunil rasali

    ranbir to baccha hai yar ….

  • bharat h

    all ranbir fan eatt bull shit…

  • Justice Rana

    Don’t worry B Barfi to all the rikshawalas, machawalas and tapori type film lovers n peeps..